Your child is left

The child persistently draws and eats with the left hand, despite all your entreaties? Is it worth it to retrain or is it better to accept this feature?

Lefties are called not only to people that are better controlled with the left hand, but generally those whose left-sided paired organs (foot, hand, eye, ear) are better developed and have played a leading role. Such characteristics are due to the structure of its brain. When a person is better developed are the “left” bodies, this means that the leading role in the brain, the right hemisphere takes. And here it turns out that the difference between “left-brain” people (i.e. our most right-handed), from “right-brained” is much more global than just the choice of the dominant hand.

The left hemisphere of the human brain responsible for these functions in our thinking as logic, manipulation of signs and symbols, the ability to dismember and detail objects and events. Left-brain thinking is more pronounced in men. The right hemisphere is responsible for intuition. The people that it takes a dominant role. hardly dissected picture of the world into its component parts, analyze bad, but able to see an object or event entirely and to find non-trivial and original solutions where they are “right-handed colleagues” fold.

It was a left-handed many artists, musicians, architects, mathematicians, physicists! Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Alexander the great, Napoleon, Churchill, Bismarck, Charlie Chaplin, Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Victoria. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, academician Pavlov, bill gates, Garry Kasparov, Albrecht Durer, Auguste Rodin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec — they were all left-handed But left-hander is only 10% of the world population.

The advantages of left-handers is their a more coherent mental structure, which makes them easier to adapt to new conditions. And not only when changing jobs, community, sphere of activity, but even when the climate changed. Interestingly, the “right-handed” women the right hemisphere of the brain is represented by more actively than men. I.e. thinking style left-handers are more similar to the style of thinking of women.

And yet, to be a Lefty in our “right-handed” society is rather difficult. Many things and objects that surround us, is designed for right-handed majority. Door handles, scissors, pencils, pens, rulers, knives, sporting goods, computers, phones are made for most. And lefties have to adapt, experiencing this discomfort. And if adults have already learned to put up with some inconvenience, it is given to kids is very difficult.

In the days of our mothers and grandmothers left-handedness was not encouraged. In school and at home the child is left-handed were forced to do everything with your right hand, trying to break and retrain. What came of it? Instead of gifted, talented, successful person in 90% of cases was scored neurotic loser.

A converted left-hander become a whiny, easily excitable and uncontrollable, they begin stuttering and enuresis, headaches and stomach pain, loss of sleep and appetite, and in the end there is a strong aversion to school and studying in General. And when the children left-hander grow, many of these symptoms remain with them.

So, what are you to do if you suspect that your child is left – handed? First of all, to confirm or refute their suspicions. To determine the left-hander Lee child, you will need to keep an eye on him throughout the day and answer some questions. For example, which hand the child holds a spoon while eating, opens the door to the room, picks his nose (Yes, all children do it), holding an Apple, throwing snowballs, stroking a cat, holds the stick of the Lollipop.

If you offer your child a spoon, an Apple, a pencil, a piece of candy, you don’t have to give him this subject in a certain hand. It is best to put it in front of the child on the table at an equal distance from both hands in the middle. If of the 10 cases within 7 days and more will be done with your left hand, your child is left – handed. If about half of you ambidextrously child, i.e. both hemispheres of his brain are presented equally strong. Then you too should listen to our recommendations for parents of left-handed children.

Light and tutorials need to be away from child-left-hander from the right side (you remember: the main hemisphere-right, the right eye transmits images directly to the right hemisphere).

In any case do not let your child overdo it. Children are lefties get tired quicker. These are the features of their nervous system, and the child is left-handed should not last more than 15-20 minutes. Then rest, and after a while you can get back to training.

Do not strike at the main role of the left hand, try to teach your child to act with both hands. For this we can recommend sculpting, macrame, playing musical instruments, which involved both hands, swimming, ball games and other activities that develop coordination of movements of hands and fingers.

The teaching of reading and writing in naravirala children has its own characteristics. When a child is left-handed starts to read the proposal, he does not care at all whether he will start reading from the middle, the end or beginning of lines. When writing, the children often write letters in mirror image, not finishing sentences and words, lose their place.

Gently point out to the child on his mistakes and develop a habit to read and write from left to right. To do this, you can “mark” the left hand of the child something (bracelet or watch), because left-handed children often have difficulty in determining which hand is left and which is right. Marked hand will always serve as the starting point of the series.

To develop this skill, you can add a mosaic from left to right, laying out her rows – as we write and read, add cubes in the same order, reading comics and create their own stories by thematic images that need to be expanded in the order of the story in the chain from left to right. You can also first to come up with your own stories (and with a bit of imagination in your child’s all good) and illustrate them with a child in the same order – from beginning to end.

When learning to read Lefty’s very difficult to keep the line that you want to read. So to start, we recommend that you close the book’s text is opaque with a ruler or piece of cardboard and open sequentially word by word (or even syllable for syllable) as you move the child through the text. The child will read thus until such time as the skill to keep the right direction and the tracking line will not reach automaticity.

The same problems (even more serious) the child faces left-handed when rewriting of the text. Indeed, in this case it is necessary not only to fix their attention on the place in the text that you want to rewrite, but also

move this text to the book, building the letters in a row in the order in which they should stand.

For lefties it Araruna task that takes a lot of time and attention. If the child does not work, and you’ll be making it again and again – the result from time to time will be worse. Why not focus the child on a poorly made tutorial explain basic mistakes and return to this activity at another time.

Perhaps these problems will seem parents “lefties” are extremely complex, but actually it is not. Constant systematic work with the child will soon begin to bear fruit. And you will prepare your child to learn in school without detriment to his physical and mental health.

And there, perhaps, among the great left-handers appears and his name.


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