What to give your child?

“I Want more! More!” — often our children communicate with us that way. Not all wishes of the child must be fulfilled, although modern parents believe that they are called to fulfill any desire of their own offspring, and to fulfill immediately.

First, dear parents, the desires of your children can be performed by you immediately, not in a flash, like lightning. Incidentally, such a distance, delaying the time of execution of desires makes the desired more valuable. Because the child wanted, asked for, hoped and waited for. Therefore, getting what you want, it will be more appreciate it.

Secondly, parents are not necessarily in General to fulfill all the desires of the child. Moreover, parents have a duty not to perform at least some of the desires of their children. Because in life, dear adults, not always all of our wishes come true.

Often adults grants wishes to children to not upset from failure, not feel miserable. The parents in this case are confusing two things: 1) to protect the child from pain, worries related to safety of life; and 2) to protect the child from all possible experiences relating to, for example, not getting the desired treats or pampering. Yeah, not getting what he wants, the child will possibly be much to worry and be upset for a while.However, the emotions and suffering of the child, do not pose a threat to his life, health and safety, the growing need of the individual. They tempered man.

If the child is eating something specific as a gift, it is better to delay the fulfillment of a wish in time. “You want a new bike? Well, you got it, but after 6 months. Meanwhile, we are going to save money”. Or this: “do You want a new computer game? Okay, you’re getting it, but for the New year”. The longer a child was waiting for the desired, the more it will be valuable for him. If it was not a real desire, but only an instant pulse (“Want this!”), the child may for a waiting period such desire to forget.

Recently we received a curious tradition — to make a list of what you wanted you got for Christmas (such a list is called “Christmas wish list”) and birthday (“Birthday wish list”). For example, a kid asks mom a new game. But she is in no hurry to buy it. She says: “Put the name of the game in “Christmas wish List” or “a List of desired gifts for birthday”.

After some time the child wanted again, but now something else. And adults again invite him to enter in the coveted list. This list will be drawn up for several months. By the way, the child may well change my mind and add to the list is crossed out names to something else. And it — just wonderful. In a growing person has time to think and slowly evaluate their own desires.

A list of desired parents can restrict. Let it will be, say, 10 points — the number of relatives and friends, whose arrival is expected on the occasion. In this case the baby is a few months before the holiday to thoughtfully choose what he wants to receive as gifts. In the list to give one or two paragraph titled “Surprise”. Let donors choose and decide what to buy.

Starting up your “wish List”, together with the child to buy a beautiful notebook and there to make a treasured recording. Lists can be illustrated by the drawings. And can hang on the wall a large sheet and to “wish List” accompanying each item is glued to a picture or sticker.

The list can be corrected and even rewrite (remake) a few times, waiting to feast. But when the list is finally ready, it is to show family and all those invited to the feast, and they decide who’s going to be giving to a child. After the presentation of gifts took place, the parents offer the child to start to make the next “wish List”.

In my opinion, this is a very good from the point of view of pedagogy tradition. Try to use it! Because children’s wishes regarding gifts require indispensable ordering from adults. Unthinkable, impossible to buy and give their children everything they want, when they want. So let us, dear adults, please make the randomness of children’s wishes (which is quite natural for children!) some adult orderliness (which should be natural for wise adults!).


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