What to do with the child during the summer

Ended the school year, the long-awaited summer time: you can sleep as much as you like, no homework, no school – freedom, in a word!

But the parents now the question arises, what to do with the child, so that it will not go crazy from boredom and excess energy during the summer holidays, so as not brought to mind the immediate family and the time went to good use.

Of course, summer camps, kids clubs, etc. trip to village to the grandmother and the grandfather, vacation with her parents is a great idea. But, as a rule, free time still remains and it needed something to fill.

I offer readers Mirsovetov few ideas how to spend your summer holidays and leave time for boredom and idleness, for parents, or for those who will be with the child during the holidays at home.

The first thing I would like to say, is a very important mode of the day and its planning. So all day you with a child was based on a clear plan. Predictability and constancy give the child a sense of confidence and peace of mind, he knows what to do at one or another point of time.

Not necessarily stand up in alarm, and as early as in school, but it is desirable that it was one and the same time and not too late. It is important to teach a child to do morning exercises, to do it with him. In this there are clear benefits and advantages both for the child and for you. Gradually increase the load, so that the charging was not just entertainment, but also physically developed child and gave energy output.

Training and developmental activities

Summer holidays last for three months and this is a great opportunity to teach your child something new- some knowledge and skills.

From the most basic and very important practice is schooling to home help. There are plenty of things that your grown child is able to perform. During the school year he had no time to do it and you don’t want him to overwork, to distract from the educational process, etc. And the summer is a convenient time to do this. Home care is important and as real help to parents, and how the development of a sense of responsibility, self-importance, and also, of course, as a preparation for adult life and independence.

You can teach a child to cook some simple meals, reheat food, lay the table, wash dishes or managed with dishwasher; load and enable the washing machine, hang the Laundry, to iron it, place it in there; sweep and wash floors; care for flowers; something simple to fix, and much more.

Besides, you can teach needlework – knitting or sewing, embroider; or to fish, for example, and other skills useful both for girls and for boys.

Perhaps preschooler you would like to learn to read or write, count in front of the school. Maybe you are planning to teach your child a foreign language and summer is a very opportune time for such lessons.

In addition, it would be nice to purchase workbooks with assignments on the topics that were studied in school the entire academic year, and more advanced, in-depth, and do a little more with a child (not forcing), so not quite head down for the holidays and all learned over the year is not evaporated. Well, if we can move forward, but not necessarily.

A great idea is to teach the child all sorts of sports skills. Summer is the best time to do this. You can teach me how to swim or ride a bike (rollerblades, skateboards, etc.), various ball games – football, volleyball, basketball, etc.

Don’t forget about books. I recommend readers Mirsovetov to think in advance what books would you like to introduce your son or daughter, for what, in your opinion, it’s time which is suitable to the age and would be very useful and interesting. Make in advance a list, stock up on books, calculate the time – and how much you can devote to reading. If the child still does not read much or reads with difficulty, then make a separate list for independent reading by the child and a list of literature that will be read by you. May there day the time will come when your child will read independently and separately the time when you read to him (it would be nice if you read it on the night).

Speaking of reading, it is necessary to mention the development of bilingual children or children actively studying foreign language. Usually in one of the languages the child to read more difficult and it makes it less readily, but you would like the language he heard and absorbed – then turn in a reading program for older children books more difficult for the child language.

Separately want to say about this exciting occupation that the development of digital technology has become available to very young children, as photographing. To teach even the youngest student to remove the simple digital camera is very simple. It will certainly entice this activity. Let the shoots everything around him, all that interesting.

You will then be able to conjointly select the most successful shots, print them and create a photo album “How I spent summer”. Will be the memory and your mentee will gain important skills that are always useful to him.

Last summer my then seven year old son has at its disposal a simple digital camera, which we, his parents, did not use it. We taught him how to shoot, some basic concepts of photography, much of it learned from practice, I began to remove everything that surrounds it. For him it was all new – photograph your hand or younger brother, or the view from the window, or the leaves on a tree, or to remove your “report” about a trip somewhere. We can say that took off everything, then began to choose what to shoot interesting. When steel frames are quite suitable for viewing, we sat down with him and have seen them all, picked the ones that are worth attention, it is decent quality and carry interesting information for him. Then printed the photos and made a small album. Coming to school in September, he could share experiences with their friends, reinforcing it with your own illustrations. The whole year it is with pleasure and interest returned to human resources last summer, also had something removed in the course of the year and is looking forward to when you can begin to create the album “How I spent summer”, now this year.

Activities and entertainment at home

So, you quite a lot of time will be at home and you need to plan for that child as much as possible lessons are varied, interesting, not only educational, but also entertaining.

Among these studies, of course, worth mentioning in the first place, drawing, sculpting, painting, applique, crafts, origami, and the like.

Very exciting activity – folding picture from many parts of the puzzle, i.e. the day.

Good role-play – teacher/caregiver in a house mod, seller-buyer, doctor-patient, movie stars, etc. as you allow your imagination or your child. Usually kids these games very much. And will give you food for thought about the nature of the child’s aspirations, preferences and even the possible psychological problems.

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