Psychology of child development 5 years

What is the psychology of child development 5 years? Five-year-old kid trying to find himself and other people as members of society. He begins to understand that there is some connection between the people and their social behavior. In the behavior of preschool children, you may notice the formation of self-regulation, that is, kids impose on themselves the requirements which they were previously charged adults. For example, five-year-old children are able to finish the begun business and not be distracted by more interesting things. They are able to clean up the bathroom, to clean up the toys.

At this age children are aware that there are common rules of conduct and norms, as well as begin to understand the enforceability of these rules and regulations. Emotionally the child is experiencing and evaluating other people of his behavior, and he begins to realize how he himself adheres to generally accepted rules and norms, whether his behavior moral views. Quite simply the five-year child to respect the rules in collaboration with the most pleasant to him or her, for example, with friends. With friends five-year-old child tries to control his aggression, to play together and share toys with interest pogruzhaet in educational games.

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I have recently read a book by Y. B. Gippenreiter «to Communicate with the child. How?». And I liked it so much that I decided to publish it on the blog pages. The book makes us parents to reflect and reconsider their behavior and attitude towards children. Today I present to you the first two lessons from this book

Unconditional acceptance is the principle without the adoption of which all attempts to establish a relationship with the child are unsuccessful.

Of course to adopt a child is to love him not for what he’s handsome, smart, capable, successful, etc. and just like that, just for what he is!

Parents say: “If you’re good, I’ll love you”. Or: “I won’t feel good until you don’t …(to be lazy, to fight, to be rude), starts …(good grades, help around the house)”.

In these statements directly inform the child that it is taken CONDITIONALLY, that his love or will love, “ONLY IF …”. Conditional, evaluative attitude toward man is characteristic of our culture. It is embedded in the minds of children.

The reason the estimated relationships in the belief that REWARDS AND PUNISHMENT are the main educational tools. But there is a pattern here:

More than child abuse, the worse it becomes

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Books on parenting

5 books that will help you better understand your child

Philosopher Danny Diderot said: “Who stops reading, he stops to think!”. We will begin our book week with five important books for parents. Books that will help a completely different way to look at your relationships with children.

Janusz Korczak “How to love your child”

The most important book that should be read by all mothers and fathers on the light, you can read the book by the famous Polish educator and writer Janusz Korczak “love”. Despite the fact that was written almost a hundred years ago, the book has remained relevant in our time.

Korczak does not offer ready-made solutions, he calls to reflect and find a way to untie the problems and correct errors that we face every day raising children.

This man deserved, so we listened to him not only life but also death. Janusz Korczak did not leave their pupils even in the gas ovens of Treblinka, and died with them, although he offered to save lives.

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