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Not for all children visiting kindergarten evokes positive emotions, often the children can’t come to terms with the permanent early rising in the morning, stress due to conflicts with peers, strict discipline, etc. And these kids more than those who are happy to run in the garden. The rest are capable of tantrums that accompany your trek in kindergarten, they constantly cry or evening, or after sleep, or during the journey. They cry at the sight of educator or in the care of parents, but it’s clear that this crying is always a reason that it is important to identify and correct the child’s behavior to avoid such stress.

What can be causes of crying baby?

One reason for these constant tears may be early each morning when the child is set on a sweet morning sleep. The child actively awake, forced to gather in the garden and he is trying all he means to stay at home. Many kids can even lie on the floor in hysterics, parents not only led them to the garden.

With such an extreme behavior of the baby should explain to him what is taking him to kindergarten. Tell your child that you need to go to work to earn a lot of money, which you will definitely buy him beautiful new clothes and toys. Convincing in this baby, you should stick to our promises, that this explanation has not lost its relevance, because otherwise the kid will cease to believe.

Try to convince the child that is in kindergarten he will be much more interesting than at home, there are many other good kids, exciting new games. Convey to the child that he can learn something of what the house will not learn.

Sometimes the baby cries because of a wrong perception of the attitude of the educator and other children. Because the kid, accustomed to the attention to his person adults will not be able to adequately record the fact that the teacher is not always able to deal only with him, to solve his problems and to answer his questions that she needs to pay attention to the rest of the kiddies, it’s 25 people. Therefore, try to give the child the kind of care and love, which he unwittingly cheated in the garden, play with him, talk, listen to his stories about held on in the bottom of the garden. If the parents this is not possible, then let them deal with a child older siblings or grandparents.

Another reason of rejection kindergarten – day regimen. For example, the kid just started playing with a favourite toy, and it stack on afternoon NAP, or name to wash their hands and lead into the dining room. The child experiences a strong desire to play for fun, when everyone else is asleep.

Sometimes there is a situation where the teachers have their favorites among children, and they pronounced give them maximum care and attention to nourish and cherish them, and other kids are much more indifferent. To clarify this fact should be sympathetic to talk to your baby, he has to tell about cases of neglect educator thereto, and if such a relationship to the child has become the norm, it is best to transfer him to another garden.

Also the reason for refusal to attend kindergarten can be a trouble with peers, conflicts, resentment. The child may not tolerate the humiliation in which he subjected the children, and refuse to go in this team. If a kid tells you about cases of injustice done to him little children, you should ask the parents of the offenders to stop such actions.

There are kids who can’t get used to other people’s room, to strangers, even to the toys, so they are attached to his home and family. They miss you terribly and so incessant crying, while behind them will come the mother. You need to talk to the teacher, to ask her more suited to the baby and soothe him, and with the child to agree that mom will be coming for him very quickly, as soon as I finish my work.

The cause of crying in the garden you can find out easily, sensitively treating the problems the baby, to his stories, talking to the caregiver. But the cause is established, how to calm a baby, so he got distracted and forgot about her tears?

If the baby is crying, you shouldn’t be nervous, show your excitement and anxiety, otherwise the child will be immediately caught your response and understand that you can push and succeed. When he is stubborn and cries, be calm, try not to apply to him screaming and beating, it will not lead to a positive result, you should try to peacefully talk to the kid to deal with him in due to his unwillingness to go to kindergarten, and then when he stops to cry, to distract his fascinating stories about his work, about the things that you need to do, as he will be in kindergarten.

If the child woke up with wet eyes, then you need to start the morning with an interesting story about how great and comfortable in the kindergarten, fun there as kids spend time. Describe him in the paint, as he’s going out with a group, play together with other children, participate in recitals, concerts, etc.

The most important thing for parents is not to give in to the child, because otherwise he will understand that his tears – perfect mechanism to satisfy their desires. It is important for you to remain calm and perseverance, consistency and kindness and patience and gentleness.

Sometimes you can see that walking in the garden baby suddenly starts crying and stubborn. It’s not worth yelling at him and cursing, just try your child to cheer, to share a joke with them, play tricks on, take in hand, and told him to daycare, always conversing with the crumbs. After all, if you show aggressiveness and impatience, would you give a kid a bad lesson, but his mind will be disturbed.

There are some kids that are doing great, while parents are around, but should they be left without a mom or a dad, the garden immediately announced their crying. If no obvious reason for tantrums is not, then it is advisable to show a child psychologist, it is likely that the crumbs have some kind of psychological trauma.

It is also important to encourage the kid for the job that they were made in kindergarten, because the child is in dire need of parental praise. If constant encouragement in his mind will be in contact with kindergarten, the child will develop a positive attitude to it.

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