The Physical development of a preschooler

Modern civilization is largely contributed to the fact that in preschool, and in most families, a lot of attention paid to mental and sensory development of children, the younger generation is bombarded by huge amount of information, physical development goes by the wayside. Meanwhile, it was a sufficient level of physical activity is one of the conditions for the harmonious mental and physical development. The child needs the freedom of motor activity, more simply, to jump and to run ad libitum on a walk. But to Supplement outdoor games in the fresh air must be organized and properly fitted by age physical education classes. Fulfilling these simple requirements helps to improve cardiovascular activity, strengthening the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system, stabilize the nervous system, improves metabolism.

Poor environmental conditions, life in the city, lack of exercise and fresh air is very, very adversely affect children’s health is one of the reasons for which should pay increased attention to physical culture.

Physical education and sports activities increase the child’s body resistance to colds and boosts the immune system.

Kids spending much time in movement, development physically less mobile peers. Psychologists and educators recognize that athletic children are generally more balanced, they have a richer perception, works better associative thinking, it is easier for them given the memorization of new information.

Preschool age is an important milestone in the physical development of the child. It is at the age of 3 to 7 years the period of intensive formation and establishment of the major body systems. Many of the indicators are rapidly approaching an adult, the child, though not so quickly as in the first three years of life, continues to grow and gain weight, therefore, it is important during this period to instill basic hygiene skills, be accustomed to tempering procedures, to form a variety of motor skills. Because gaps and defects in physical development in future years to eliminate and correct is much more difficult than to form initially.

Moving slowly, skipping the baby perceives the surrounding reality, develops the will and perseverance to overcome difficulties, learn independence. Movement helps to relieve nervous stress and allows a child’s mind to work in harmony and balanced.

To six years the child has formed the first muscle, the baby becomes noticeably more resilient and agile. The more diverse movements fluent by this time, the preschooler, the wider range of available x he sensory impressions, the full-fledged it continues to evolve. As far as possible try to vary the motor experience of the child, organize it, sports and mobile games. It is also important not to get carried away and not to overestimate the degree of readiness of the child’s body to different kinds of physical activity.

The skeletal system of a preschooler is very fragile and mobile, don’t forget to follow the correct posture of the kid in the classroom, as well as the position of his body during the day and night sleep.

Take care of proper and balanced diet of the child, teach him to observe the mode of the day. Often ventilate the nursery and spend more time outdoors, especially in good weather. All this has a beneficial effect on the still extremely vulnerable nervous system preschooler.

Parents, caring for the full physical development of your child needs to remember how important it is to promote health and address the most important educational tasks.

Exercise increase the resistance of the child’s body colds and infectious diseases. Taking sun and air baths, systematically teaching the child to various water procedures, moms and dads can forget about ARI and continuous never-ending runny nose.

If Your toddler every day doing exercises. he will get stronger, strengthen muscular frame. It is important to include in complexes exercises to train those muscles, which are little used in everyday life, as well as uniformly to train right and left sides of the body. Special attention should be paid to correct posture. From early childhood, make the kid aware of the importance of correct body position, fight with stooped posture and scoliosis, strengthening the back muscles through specific exercises. Also don’t forget to pay attention to the training of the musculoskeletal system, be sure to include the complex of morning gymnastics exercises, to prevent flat feet and strengthen the muscles of the foot and lower leg.

The overall tone and the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, lungs and endocrine system, digestion and the functions of the heat transfer significantly improves, if Your kid will be given to sport and physical activity, at least 2 hours a day.

Sports help to improve coordination, increase speed, to develop endurance. It should not be hard and specially to shape each quality separately. Rotate and change various types of activities to comprehensively involve different physical abilities.

In addition to special exercises don’t forget about the outdoor games. the much-loved children. It is worth to note that even in a very favorite game toddlers-preschoolers get tired of playing, if you repeat it constantly, so vary your games, don’t be afraid to learn new games. Use a variety of props: blocks. hoops, benches, etc. is on one side adds variety and maintains interest in the game, and with another – allows to complicate motor tasks.

In 4 years Your toddler, in addition to running and climbing the stairs, must be able to successfully and accurately throw various objects to jump down the small hills, to catch the flying in his direction of the ball. In 3-4 years we should start to master the bike, first tricycle, and then a two support wheels.

To 5 years diversify the motor activity of the child, teaching him to ice skating and rollerblading, and skiing. Also around this age, if You had dared, is to teach the child to swim.

The task of parents to make sports an interesting and attractive to the child. At preschool age to form a sustained interest in physical education is unusually simple, the main thing to remember a few simple tips. Give your child a feasible task, because the success will encourage him to achieve new victories, taking new heights. Do not skimp on praise, do not disregard new sports achievements of the baby – this will help the formation of a positive motivation for systematic studies.

In the development of new exercises give the child information about basic physical concepts and terms, this will allow to broaden horizons and stimulate cognitive activity.

Sport, like any other activity, brings up such morally-strong-willed qualities as determination, courage, perseverance, honesty.

Many people think that health problems are somewhat apart from other educational processes, but physical development goes hand in hand with labour, aesthetic and moral education. Only the integrated development of physical, spiritual and mental capacity is able to form a versatile personality.

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