The Influence of advertising on children

What do you think is the most ideal audience for the advertiser? Of course, children! Because they are so naive and gullible. They believe everything you see on TV, take everything at face value and want to get the advertised product immediately.

Not once looking through the same colorful commercials, or advertisements on cars. they begin seriously to expect that it will come good dinosaur and will lead them to a magical land or goes by beautiful aunt in the form of noodles and say that she should eat now, without waiting for dinner.

Harm from advertising

First – advertising entices the child is not the best products (chocolate, soda water, chewing gum, candy) after the use of which he will begin to hurt your teeth, swollen belly or, God forbid, there will come an allergic reaction. Turns out that these parents are selfish, which do not allow child to enjoy all the pleasures of life, and parents from advertising – the best people on Earth, are treated as their children all these sweets.

Second – advertising instantly devastates the parent wallet, requiring them to fixed costs.

Third – reviewing advertising adult products, the child may begin to ask questions that adults would not be able to respond, and the answers to which it is too early to know. Very often in advertising slip the wrong speed, that will be reflected not in the best way in his speech in the future. Besides, some of the commercials are contrary to morality. For example, when children in secret from the adults take something tasty.

Now let’s look at how children begin to talk on the influence of advertising. Almost any question they answer with the words of advertising. At first it looks cute. But what will it lead to next? It’s amazing how accurately they mimic advertising characters and how quickly they memorize the text. Of course, on the one hand, it develops memory and artistry, but because they fail to communicate properly: use a set of advertising phrases, without delving into their meaning.

Another type of advertising that makes the fight more often children’s hearts is a lottery. Children think that to receive the prize is very simple. Just need to collect several tubes, wrappers, liners and get a prize. And in his fantasies they have a family going on a world tour, ride on the new car, get a big cash prize, etc.

What to do in this situation? Allow the child to participate in several draws. The more ineffectual messages, the faster he will lose interest in such things.

It so happens that parents are unable to buy what they want for their child. But he insists. How to behave in this situation? Encourage your child that shopping should be a sense of proportion. Set the limit to buy a kid’s favorite treats. Times a day or two, or a week. If the purchase is too expensive for you, it is better to tell him about it. Of course, once you will not understand, and do not need to get involved in this version, otherwise the child will think that he is not available. Better agree with him that in a week or a month you are together and save up for this purchase.

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