The Education of children photos

You noticed that your kid has a creative man. On the walk draws attention to interesting trivia, sees in the usual cloud or tree form some image. His drawings are vivid and emotional.

It’s time to teach the child to explore the world and create something of their own with the camera. This is a new lesson for him can become not only a fun but a great way to develop observation.

Where to start the learning process of children photos?

From the very simple – with the basic precepts of camera work, and the principles of composition or other laws photos while you wait. Independent experiments, their own mistakes, experiences and victories better and much quicker to teach him to photograph well than tips, however good and smart they are. The main thing is to choose a durable and waterproof camera, the best in the role of a children’s camera will fit digital cameras nikon.

So let’s review the basic rules that should tell the child.

The camera will need to hold tightly with both hands, and preferably exactly, otherwise the photos will be a slightly skewed (but this can be corrected later).

At the moment of pressing the shutter button, it is impossible to pull by hand and you can even hold your breath.

Explain that the photos will turn out exactly what the child brings the camera and sees in the frame of the viewfinder. Although it is so observant will notice the child. It is worth to think a bit before pulling the trigger. Maybe you have to get closer to the object, or, conversely, to step back a bit, and then go on the other hand, to what you want to photograph, turned the child in the best way.

Show your toddler the distance, closer which is not going to approach the subject if the device has no function “macro-mode”. In a simple, inexpensive point-and-shoots is about one meter.

When photographing with a flash, the minimum distance to the target is increased to two meters, so as not to get a bad effect, which is referred to by photographers as “flash in the forehead.”

Buy DSLRs for a beginner. to give to rent them out to the children is not the best option, as these cameras are designed for adult beginners. So for training it is better to choose for children is a very durable camera, preferably waterproof.

Over time, attentive child will notice that when photographing, if you stand to the light source or the sun back or sideways, the pictures are very good. And he will always keep, what side of the camera is the light source. Will the child and other findings that make his pictures better and better.

Generally, start off on the street on a typical Sunny day. And, not in the brightest noon, and, for example, in the morning, late afternoon or when the sun is slightly covered by clouds. These photos will be positive and bright, but it’s more complicated to spoil.

So do not delay children’s learning photography. Give your child a camera in her hands, go together for a walk and he takes what he wants. How interesting it would be to consider a photo of him later. You may not even know the place in which were recently. His view of the world, sincere and direct, unusual and unexpected, will cause you to look differently at their own child.

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