The 20 most interesting ways to keep kids busy in summer

Summer is the best time to conduct as much time as possible outside, especially for children, because a growing body of air. However, not only this issue is of concern to many parents, but also the question of what to do with the child in the summer, so it was not boring, useful and entertaining!

There are lots of ideas for leisure activities of children of different ages, both at home and at the cottage, or even in the Park just to like your favorite little one! For you 20 of the most interesting ways to keep kids busy in the summer!

1. Help to find the child a new hobby. Summer time is the best to start with something new, because there is no hurry, and can be interesting to devote more time. No matter what it is – a passion for astronomy, or carving, it is essential to maintain the child in the new venture.

2. If you have the opportunity to travel to the country, ask your child every weekend to throw theme parties! It can be characters from their favorite cartoons or movies, and can be simple and parties – for example, a foam party is not difficult to do if you have an inflatable pool.

3. Learn to play outdoor games on the street – alas, but today’s children don’t know what a tag, cops and robbers, and the girls recall the good old game – jump in elastic. Such outdoor games suitable for children of almost all ages, and the benefits are huge – both physical and in terms of socialization of the child in the team.

4. Twister in nature – and why not! And don’t even have to bring a Mat with colored circles for Twister – just enough to paint the meadow with quick-drying paints. The idea is great for a small group of children, playing a game on the ground in the yard, and in the country.

5. Benefit in the summer, even out of your daily nature walks. Prepare a story about some natural phenomena, or interesting facts about nature – summer when everything is blooming and evolving, it is easier to show by example of interesting plants and insects.

6. If your child loves to write essays, poems or just loves literature – offer him an unusual occupation for the summer: every day in a small diary to describe the most interesting moments that have happened over the past day, and in late summer to help him make his small book of short stories about summer.

7. The same method applies to the photo – now the child, from primary school, a mobile, a camera, or just buy him an inexpensive camera. Let your child pictures of interesting cases and writes to them a little explanation-notes. And in late summer create together a collage that you can hang in the room the child to have it all fall, winter and spring recalled the events of the summer!

8. Perhaps you have the opportunity to walk with the children on a hike on the weekend. Then Hiking too, you can do the theme! For example, a campaign dedicated to some animal. When you take care of this body art with your child paint the face as the color of the selected character and learn its habits.

9. When your child is a couch potato – it makes no sense to drive it on the street against his will. But to spend time with benefit and interest can be at home. There are so many designers that you can collect for a long time, and collect a plant or station. Just perfect for home evenings puzzles with lots of detail.

10. If your child likes to draw or interested in design, offer him a great idea – to transform your home! May be responsible for some part of each of the rooms, bathroom, kitchen, thus he will create the project-description of how he would like to diversify the interior, you should also take minimal participation, and then to help bring these ideas to life!

11. Passion for geography is a great activity for kids! And if you’re a parent of such a curious child – then play with them in the “scientific conference”: give the job to choose a country and find as much information about it, create a report and when it is ready – bring your family for an interesting discussion!

12. Game of pirates may be of interest both at home and on the street. Help the company of kids find a treasure – draw a map with secrets and puzzles, hide at the site of some important stuff. Children will be busy entertaining searching all day and in the evening enjoy a pirate feast.

13. The girls of different ages will love this job as modeling different outfits. For the very young perfect paper doll, but the older girls will offer to create their own exclusive wardrobe!

14. Summer is a great time to start exercising! Take care of the health of her offspring – start in the summer to visit sports clubs and sections. In the summer and recreation is in full swing, and time to get used to the new lesson – more. To the next school year, the child will already have certain habits and will not emerge the problem of correct timing with the new classes.

15. Great time of year for work pieces of various materials for crafts and a variety of interesting activities. Walking in the woods and the Park will contribute to this, take the time to do fun looking for unusual herbs and plants, collect your home herbarium!

16. In summer it is best to fulfill the dream of many children is to have a pet. In autumn and winter, because of the kindergarten or school, to care fully for Pets is problematic, but if you get a pet in the summer, then there is every chance that by the fall, the child will learn to combine their lessons and care for the pet.

17. Another thing that can please the kids outdoors is a mini – vegetable garden. Moreover, we can get it right in the yard, and instruct your child together with other kids to grow up to be a very useful and interesting plants. Your small help will need to pick up the kids growing flowers so they won’t have to wait long for the fruits of their labors!

18. Kids love active play outdoors, and one of these is kite boarding. Help your child make a snake yourself, let her choose the color and the material as well as decoration snake. By the way, to this lesson and you can connect friends your baby – after manufacturing kites they will be able to organize tournaments and competitions for the launch!

19. Gather in the zoo, amusement Park or water Park! Now there are places in almost every town. Not necessary to go every time by yourself, ask other people you know moms, and go with a group of children in turn.

20. Weekend devote to the child. Let the summer it will be completely your days! There are things that parents and kids can do together – for example, to go fishing, or make a ride throughout the city and outside the city. What age were your children – caring for them will never be too much!

You can think of a lot of ways, than to occupy the child during the summer – just to put a little imagination. Well, of course, the desire to make the summer memorable for the child also must be present!

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