Tantrum in a child: waking up at night – what to do?

How to calm your baby: tips for parents

It is impossible to describe in simple words the feelings of motherhood, when near you next defenseless lump, whispering “in two holes” trying to make the first movement of the jaws, and this is his first gentle informative look. The young mother, unable to look away from your toddler picks up every movement, cherishes, cares, caress…

Yes, this is natural, as it should be. But this can’t go on all his life. There will come a time when mom will need to go to work, respectively, the child will begin to attend kindergarten. And here begins what many parents fear. What might be the reaction in the absence of the loved one?

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The first days in kindergarten

Those who have already passed this phase in their lives know very well that the first few days, when he will begin to attend kindergarten, constantly crying for her mother, panics, he is not interested baby toys that filled his room in the group, kind words professional educators. Constantly repeats the same word — ” Mother “.

At the first creak of the front door turns his tear-stained eyes with the hope that appeared in the doorway of his dear, beloved mother – the only person in the world, which he now wants to see.

A close relationship with my mother is unusually large. For 9 months baby safely and securely was in her womb and in the first year of his life, constant care mom gave him the opportunity to understand that they are not one, but two separate full-fledged man. Gap close links with the mother occurs closer to two years.

And only now beginning to realize that he and mom are very different people. A psychologist often come young parents, complaining that the kid was whiny, can roll “concert” out of the blue. Although during the first years of his life and almost two years it was a quiet kid and even ate only hourly.

Moods amid fear

Tantrum the child at the age of two according to specialists is a common violation. If his health is okay, not scared and not concerned, such behavior can be explained only one – it lacks love. No, I really don’t want to claim that not enough parents show love. It’s just a transition period.

This term is usually associated with a teenager, often forgetting that first awkward age in humans comes exactly at the age of two.

It is exactly what we talked about above. The child cope with what used to do for his parents, especially his mom. And now, attention needs to be compensated for how the creature can no longer feel still your love, now your love you need to prove. And you need to prove is correct, and not naive and obsessive.

In addition, the vagaries in children often appear in the background of fear of losing his favorite, the most expensive – home mom. As it may sounds naive for an adult, in his subconscious a little man appears to fear that it may leave the garden forever. And the more fear – the stronger the response.

How to show love

Remember that at this age especially important to the proper upbringing of a child and is now especially important tactile contact. Most of his hug, caress it, it is necessary to hear the knock of the mother’s heart. It’s these moments that awakened in him the memory of the period when he was in your womb. Often tell him that you love him, especially at bedtime!

And what to do in the case where a psychic link with him has already been lost? How to behave, tantrum if the child is already apparent in humans, and what to do? The first thing you need to do is say a prayer to the baby’s chest.

Hug him, whisper in your ear sweet words. In no case do not go on about and do not accustom to what their parents it can be achieved, for example, cancel the visit to the kindergarten. It is much more important to understand that you are with him, and you love him still.

Causes of night tantrums toddlers

Many parents turn to the psychologist and the night tantrums in children, often not understanding why this is happening. This leads to the fact that they themselves start to get nervous, the more, the more diverse the advice of other parents.

But it should be understood that each of the toddler is a person! And the reason for tantrums at bedtime your child can be an individual. Therefore, the methods that were taken by other parents, in your case, may even aggravate the condition.

Analyze the main reasons that may cause a child’s tantrum. The main cause of night tantrums are the troubles between parents. In children, hypersensitivity to negative energy that may have accumulated in the house as a result of constant quarrels, showdown and screams.

And when the child sees and hears that dad yells at my mom, or Vice versa, in the subconscious first produces a fear of loss of family and parents, habitual lifestyle. With such emotions tot goes to bed, and it is possible that in a dream can see that picture, from which you will Wake up and start crying.

Another reason of violations of experts called the wrong routine. If your baby sleeps for a long time, frisky deep into the night, eating when hit and not resting after lunch, it depletes your nervous system. This is the reason that the baby wakes up at night crying and hysterical.

Never allow your child to watch movies (especially before bedtime) which show violence! As a result, the baby poor sleep, at night he can dream about the nightmares that often cannot be stopped. After of horror films, the child often falls asleep without a fuss. Even waking up in hysterics, he continues to see a terrible picture with sleep.

The adequate reaction of the parents

How to proceed in this case parents how to properly stop a tantrum in a young child? The main thing is to keep a check on myself. If you lose your composure, it will scare the baby.

Try him calmly to explain everything he saw in a dream, this is not true, and actually you will not allow anyone to offend. Cuddle him, hug, tell a good story.

Most often this kind of tantrums happen in a child of 3 years, because that’s when kids get a lot of information, while their brain has to process all. Therefore, concepts and images may tangle and create an unpleasant picture.

In addition, night tantrums often occur in active and hyperactive children. At night, the child’s brain needs a good rest. And if he continues to work, then he may have emotions of fear and as a result there hysterical. What can you do?

Parents should see to it that your night’s sleep before the kid could well calm your emotion. Turn on a good movie, tell an interesting tale, invite him along with you to pick up your toys.

And if your toddler is prone to night isteriku, it is best not to leave him to sleep in a dark room. Buy beautiful children’s nightlight with dimmed light, which would cause the baby smile, in case he wakes up.

So, the main cause of the tantrum of a small child in 2 years:

moods amid fear;

a wrong reaction of the parents;

the lack of love;

wrong mode of the day;

inappropriate age cartoons or movies before bedtime.

Use our recommendations, and very soon your baby will cease to be capricious and will sleep all night. But, if this behavior occurs repeatedly, it is better to show it to the specialist.

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