The most important thing that is required of men, that his sperm was moving. The fact that the male sex cell all “fuel” bears. And it is extremely energy required: the energy – the sperm will run far, no energy – in place of stops. And no conception then of the question. Therefore, a man is needed in advance to properly prepare, at least the last two weeks before the crucial sexual intercourse. For this it is necessary to properly feed: In the preparatory diet include: meat, any nuts, vitamin E succinic acid (it improves General metabolism). Such a diet increases the sperm motility. In addition, before a man lies in bed for conception, it needs 2 – 3 days to abstain from sexual intercourse. Abstinence need to have accumulated the necessary amount of sperm and that sperm had time to Mature. To prove to their patients the necessity of abstinence, specialists usually known in sexological practice case. American couple for a long time suffered from infertility. It turned out that the desire to have children was so great that they worked on it two or three times a day. After the doctor forbade them to engage in overkill, hypersexual, the Americans managed to conceive a child.


Sexual intercourse for begetting must be single! First intercourse – the most crucial. All other moments actually bring only pleasure. This has a scientific explanation. During the first sexual intercourse is the largest concentration of sperm. After concentration decreases in 2 times. And then, as the joke will one water.


As soon as ejaculation occurred, the penis need to immediately exit the vagina, so as not to splash the puddle of semen. Then the probability of conception will be much higher. (Incidentally, the same rule should be observed on another occasion – if men have some kind of inflammation, the excess stay in the vagina will increase the risk of infection for women.)


If you really want to have a child, preferably during intercourse a woman to orgasm not to bring. The fact is that when you orgasm your cervix when it rises, and sperm, as climbers have to climb this peak, And pass the extra path, as you know, even men don’t like. If the sexual act carried out without the orgasm, the cervix remains in place, a puddle of semen easily covers the entrance to her, and sperm freely penetrate. However, some women sexologists claim that I got pregnant at the peak of mutual sexual ecstasy with your partner. But it’s just their personal fantasies. In such cases, the specialists, laughing, just shrug their shoulders and say, lucky, and thank God.


It is very important for conception to choose the right time. Usually in the middle of the cycle a woman is more fertile. At this time, the egg Matures. The days can be calculated using the basal temperature, which is measured as known in the anus. In addition to two days of ovulation (the maturation of the female egg) is favorable for conception consider 5-6 days before – so many days of living sperm, waiting for “bride”, and all the while he is capable. Within 6 days after ovulation can also be pregnant, because all this time remains a capable female egg. Used in many religions stipulated a time when sexuality was strictly forbidden. Usually were banned 7 days after menstruation. The custom was strictly observed: women are required to produce a clean sheet, which meant the end of your period. And that was the starting point of the forbidden time. Therefore, the peak of sexual life happened in the middle of the cycle, when the likelihood of conception was highest. Thus religion strictly and peremptorily instructed women to get pregnant. However, there are cases when the woman became pregnant and during menstruation. Experts consider this a glitch in the cycle.


Before intercourse woman would be nice to proprietatis soda solution. The fact is that often it is inflammation, which she doesn’t even know. Because it forms an acidic environment, which is very harmful for the health of sperm – they just die. Soda neutralizes the acidic environment.


After ejaculation, men have a little that depends. Then it all depends on the woman. She must lie down and not to immediately jump out of bed, even if you really want to take a shower. By the way, lie down, too, should be able to. At a usual position of the uterus and cervix the woman should lie on her back, pinning her knees to her chest. In that case, if she has a tilted uterus, you need to lie on your stomach. In this position, the neck will dive into the puddle of sperm. There are times when you may need the advice of a gynecologist. For example, if women are inflammation of the appendages, the cervix can be rotated to the side, and which – will determine a doctor. Then after intercourse you need to lie on your side, where to watch the cervix.


It is very important for conception to choose the right posture. Among them are those who promote pregnancy, and Vice versa. Though the choice in favor of pregnancy small: – this should be the classic pose, that is, in the supine position. Standing extremely difficult to get pregnant: most of the liquid will result simply. In General, all non-classical poses are unsuitable for pregnancy. Well, for fun, you can choose what you want. In this rule there are exceptions. If a woman has a tilted uterus, that the sexual act should be performed in a pose “back”. Lying prone or resting on the knees – does not matter.


After intercourse you need to relax, to turn away from it all. And this detachment is exalted state to keep the next two or three days. If that doesn’t work and the woman will be in a waiting, anxious, nervous condition, it is better to take Valerian. Experts advise to be in a state of euphoria is not accidental. This is necessary to avoid violation of contractile activity of the fallopian tubes. They are known to promote the sperm to its destination. If the potential mother overly worried, pipes incorrectly reduced or promote sperm. The consequences can be unpleasant or not will welcome – fertilization, or ectopic pregnancy

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