Review of Educational stickers for kids

Good day to all day.

Recently acquired a new kind of stickers for his beloved daughter. We have not yet passed the dependency labels. Happy everywhere and all the gluing. Earlier I already wrote about one of the sets of stickers, but the set is very different from the set of “Animal stickers for kids – Shape” of the publisher from the publisher Mozaika – Sintez.

The brand name of these labels is “School of seven dwarves”. I’ve heard a lot about this manufacturer, but unfortunately in our city in the free market the goods of this manufacturer for some reason not sold. I needed to know through a friend, or order via the Internet.

Prior to that, I acquired more than a simple set of labels, the same manufacturer, there were only circles, they very quickly and easily “dealt” with 140 rounds, we had it for the evening. And I decided next time to buy stickers with more of a challenge and My choice fell on Educational stickers for kids – Shape.

The child was so glad I got a more interesting book with stickers, a whole evening spent with them, and then another, occasionally hiding it.

Huge great advantage of these stickers is that they are reusable,

and actually, we have five times the minimum was peeled off and glued back stickers (you can notice after seeing the photo, the entire sheet is jammed) they won prikleivayut still.

The decal Forms are very bright and beautiful, the child copes with defining colors.

With the process of peeling away the child cope too well enough stickers good grasp small children’s fingers.

This book is well thought out puzzles for the child. Namely, a child can determine and decide where and how to paste the selected label. To help him in this not lgkga fact, provided the contours of the figures, hinting that will suit that position.

The pictures in the book are drawn perfectly, all clear, clear, bright and beautiful. This picture is very easy to invent a story pictures, which the children love.

The pictures divided by subject: squares of different sizes and colors and triangles, are also different in color and size.

The theme of rhombuses and triangles. Each topic is written in the form definition, the job that must be done on this screen and prompt. Of course all this should read the parent.

For example – Learn the diamond. What are the subjects of this form You see in this picture? Stick the crown of the tree, Tulip and kites. And such tasks spelled out on each page.

Picture-familiarity with the rectangle.

This is the page of familiarity with the oval.

On the last picture, provided the shutdown task, where the child needs to consolidate their knowledge. In this picture all the figures with whom the child is met. And, of course, tips.

And so easy to pick the correct place for gluing and easy to paste the decal.

In this series there are also other proposals for the development of your children.


This book is intended for children from one year, here I slightly disagree, it is more suitable for children closer to two years. As the interest in year old are quite different.

Otherwise an excellent book for developing your little ones. I sometimes wonder pokleit).

Thanks to this book you can improve your child’s ability to make decisions, as given him choose a sticker and pick her her place. The kid gives it great fun and joy.

Also, this book helps to develop the baby, intelligence, fine motor skills and coordination of movements, to expand their knowledge about the world.

This book will help familiarize the child with different geometric shapes, learn to distinguish them by color and size, as well as name them.

Thanks Menagarishvili use stickers the child can safely experiment with them, and in cases of failure, to re-stick.

When my child all the stickers will stick it, I secretly stick them back on the total sheet, and the child is again a complete book of stickers, and again gladly accepted them.

Recommend for all kids.


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