Relationship with parents

Relationships with parents — the most important relationship for each person. It is through parents man gets his basic picture of the world, and it is through the parents come the most important lessons. To understand their relationships with mom and dad, perhaps even more important than finding your soul mate and to establish harmony with her.

Propose to take as a prop to further the reasoning of such a model. Every person consists of two halves — male and female. Each has two programs: a male dad and a female mom. These programs are not even connected with the personal lessons, and generic.

By and large, one of the meanings of bringing people together in pairs and creating a family is that the husband’s Family and the Family of his wife through his incarnate on Earth representatives were able to exchange knowledge and skills, and, most importantly, be able to combine them in a harmonious collaboration.

In modern society, the harmonious cooperation of husband and wife is a rare phenomenon. Much more can be found confrontation, acceptance of each other that at the household level is manifested as conflicts, quarrels, discord in the family and the suffering of all its members.

This situation means that the husband and wife failed to reconcile and combine their generic program. If this couple has children then the task of combining family programs goes to them, for every individual, as mentioned above, carries the programs of both parents. In this sense, our relationship with parents reflect the relationship between our inner halves: male and female.

If children are not well managed Association with programs in the task moves on to the next generation and so on, until you worked out Ancestral Karma and until you have completed the lessons Originally planned.

Now I understand why it is so important to study their relationship with their parents. This is the fastest way to connect inside dad’s and mom’s program. While they are not connected, people will not be able to grasp what it means to be a woman or a man, will not be able to begin to explore the mystery of the sexes. will be forever torn apart by internal contradictions. He will not be able to create a harmonious family, because in him there is no balance of male and female, and through complex, difficult relationship with your spouse it will take place neproydenny lessons.

Actually, things are not so bleak. We chose this path and these lessons before the incarnation. We chose those parents that we are excellent. If you manage responsibly and honestly go through these lessons we receive in return is priceless gift: the ability to love without conditions.

Many talk about the Power of the Kind that we have under our belt is a Genus, etc. Yes, all this is true. But, we must remember that the next members of the Genus here is our parents. If we do not know how to accept them and to unconditionally love something about any connection with this generation, cannot be and speeches. But the restoration of this connection through study of their relationships with their parents gives the keys to the mystery of the sexes and unconditional love.

Here such a model. I hope she showed the importance of the matter under consideration, as well as its place in the overall picture of the world map and development of every person. Move on to more practical aspects.

A very powerful technique for the study of the relationship with parents is to write them a letter. A new scheme for the basic template of this letter offers Victor M. in his seminars (see supplemental materials at the end of the article).

In fact, the very form of the letters is not important. It is important that in this letter we with maximum honesty and courage has prescribed all those times in our relationship with the person to whom the letter is addressed. All the hidden resentments, which I’m ashamed to admit. All the accumulated guilt. All those moments that I want to apologize. In short, to bring to the surface all the negative energy that stand between us and man, and to hinder the flow of unconditional love.

Although the letter is addressed to another person, you need to remember that we write a letter to yourself . Of course, ideally, and then another to read the letter to this man, to the work we have gained a quality of completion. If the person has already passed away — you can put a photo, to remember him and to just read aloud.

Writing is a technology, it is possible to go back as many times as necessary. Trust your feelings. Even one letter is not easy to write, if you do it really honestly and sincerely. Have to rewrite it at least three times. The first time we implicitly accuse another person, the second time blaming ourselves, and only on the third time we begin to see events and actions in their true light. That is, we begin to see the essence of life lessons that have come through this man.

I myself for a long time could not bring myself to get behind letters to parents, although I understood the importance of this technique. I had the hidden fear — and suddenly as a result of this work will be that I loved my parents that I’m a bad son? And when I reached a state that was ready to face to meet any answer, whatever it was, it moved from a dead point.

Externally I have an almost perfect relationship with mom and dad, but this appearance is deceptive. Do not think that if you have parents no quarrels, all the lessons are completed successfully. Actually, we, in obedience to the pressure of society (you have to love their parents!), used to suppress and hide even from themselves emerging in the relationship problems, create external visibility of well-being. And like me, it is difficult to decide to start to pick open such relationships, risking to lose this one for years created a false facade.

Paradoxically, I believe that those who have parents open warfare and swearing, lucky in the sense that to develop such relationships easier. Open conflict as time points out the sharp conflict between the parents, it (the contradiction) does not need to search long. No need to worry about creating the illusion of external well-being in General, has nothing to lose.

So, when I pulled to the surface most of their repressed resentment, irritation to parents, guilt, a sense of superiority and the other negative — that’s when I realized, what lessons through them came. I realized that parents do not love because it is customary, not because they raised me and nurtured — but simply, without conditions .

A small child, when born, he certainly loves their parents. But then, he grows up, begins to think and falls into the trap of actions. That is, he perceives the parents not as the Divine Soul, and through their actions, often unflattering. And the parents did not explain to the child what is happening: “Baby, my mom and I today were screaming at each other, not because each other is not love, but because can not yet Express their thoughts and feelings. Forgive us.” At a certain critical moment inside of a child is split between male and female part. But if in the family there is no love (parents do not love each other of course), then this split and not heals.

So (returning to our technique) — the letter is important to write both my father and my mother. And it is important to look not only at their relationship with each parent, but also on the relationship between the parents. In short, you need to work all sides of the family triangle “I — father — mother”.

Between my parents were not the best of relationships, there were quarrels and scandals. But now, after this work, when I imagine them the way they are together, they hold hands. I begin to understand why we had such relationships, why they were at such relationships. I accept them for what they are — without conditions, without the desire to alter. And now I feel toward him a feeling of immense love and gratitude.

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