Psychology of child development 5 years

What is the psychology of child development 5 years? Five-year-old kid trying to find himself and other people as members of society. He begins to understand that there is some connection between the people and their social behavior. In the behavior of preschool children, you may notice the formation of self-regulation, that is, kids impose on themselves the requirements which they were previously charged adults. For example, five-year-old children are able to finish the begun business and not be distracted by more interesting things. They are able to clean up the bathroom, to clean up the toys.

At this age children are aware that there are common rules of conduct and norms, as well as begin to understand the enforceability of these rules and regulations. Emotionally the child is experiencing and evaluating other people of his behavior, and he begins to realize how he himself adheres to generally accepted rules and norms, whether his behavior moral views. Quite simply the five-year child to respect the rules in collaboration with the most pleasant to him or her, for example, with friends. With friends five-year-old child tries to control his aggression, to play together and share toys with interest pogruzhaet in educational games.

Idea about yourself

Since five years of a child changes occur in the image. Very important are the opinions of friends. You may notice that the baby is more selective about the choice of friends, but with friends it is the establishment of sustainable relationships. Kids take to the friends of those who possess positive qualities, or more successful in any case. Often you can hear from the child of five is that he is interested in someone to play, or that his friend doesn’t fight. Less situational communication becomes children. At this age, children are happy to tell about where they were and what happened to them. With great attention they listen to the stories of friends and emotionally empathize with them.

The primary gender identity is formed in five or six years old. As parents learn to respond to children’s questions.

It is formed on the important features:

the peculiarities of the manifestation of emotions;

male and female qualities;

according to the features of professions;

the specific behavior.

Interesting justification of the choice of the opposite sex:

Boys like such feminine qualities as a manifestation of affection, beauty and tenderness.

Girls prefer as masculine qualities: ability to intercede on behalf of another force.


At this age there is a growth of awareness, the kid overcomes egocentric position, he can take the place of another person and look at the situation from the other side.

Joint discussion of the rules of the game in game interaction begins to occupy an important place. Children begin to specify different actions of a party game, attempting to control the actions of another participant in the game. If during the game there is a conflict, the children, referring to the rules, explain to others your own actions or start to criculate the actions of other players. Before the game, the children begin a joint discussion on the distribution of roles.


Thanks to his desire to experiment, and desire to ask a lot of questions have five children, you notice a large stock of ideas about the world. Deeper representation about the basic properties of various objects. The kid already knows basic colors, shades. Optionally, it can show various shades of the same color. He easily makes the comparison of a large number of objects according to their size.

Five-year-old child is able to decompose the ten items from smallest to largest and Vice versa, he is well-versed on the sheet of paper can highlight similar parts in the various subjects.

Arbitrary and more stable becomes the children’s attention. They understand what you need to do is not very attractive, but necessary. With adults the attention of five year olds when you run a job you can take on twenty-five minutes. If parents set some rules, then the child can easily deal with them. For example, you want to shade the figure in a certain way or to find pieces of a certain size.


Significant changes in the amount of memory does not, however, an improvement of its sustainability. To quickly memorize some material, kids can use pictures, cards or schema.

Visual-figurative thinking in the age of five or six starts to get important. In order to solve complex problems – the baby begins to use generalized visual AIDS, such as drawings, diagrams. Five-year-old is able to solve some problems in mind.

Is the development of predictive functions of thinking, that is, the child sees future events and can also foresee the remote and immediate consequences of their actions or actions.

The psychological upbringing of the child

To successfully carry out the education of the child 5 years of his psychology of action and behavior must be taken to direct the attention of parents. If parents are busy, then the child can play, and will not be too offended by parents. It is worth noting that the behavior of a child of five, compared to four-year-old age, one can note the appearance of minor problems. At the age of five mood change occurs too rapidly, and the baby became much calmer. If to the kid to ask, he responds to requests to the words of adults. Parents should always explain why something should not be done.

To psychological upbringing of five children properly passed and the baby grew self – consideration should be given sufficient attention. Despite the fact that the kid already performs many of the actions themselves, in fact, he remained a child. The five year old child there is a lot of issues that he addresses to his parents, and wants to know the answers. Answer the questions of the child. From parents a person can find out reliable answers about any events of interest. Not necessary to avoid the mistake that many parents who are not paying attention to the baby. Waving away the various “why”, the parents contribute to the fact that the baby becomes less active and begins to think that there are some forbidden questions not to ask. The more You answer the questions of “the world” – the better for You and for him. In the end, the kid will understand that with all the issues he can turn to their parents, and this means that, when faced with problems during adolescence or as an adult – he will ask advice from my parents.

The baby was not closed – the psychology of parenting a child of five should be aimed at full and constant dialogue. Notice that he wants to ask something, they will ask him leading questions. The kid asks – answer.

It is worth noting that at the age of five are laid for the development of the qualities of the child. In order to bring up a baby, you can resort to reading books on child psychology and do not forget about the 9 commandments of child rearing .

At the age of five the boy is already quite independent and very much understand. Whims should remain in the past. Treating a child like an adult, telling him the truth, always supporting the development of his abilities and also giving answers to questions, parents can be confident that their five-year baby will find its rightful place in life.

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