My child.

Small children don’t steal. Up to four or five years they don’t understand the principle of ownership and property. They don’t understand that it’s not nice to take other people’s stuff.

By the time when the child is in first class, he knows that stealing is bad. At this age kids sometimes just don’t have enough self-control to resist the temptation.

By the time I entered middle school and podrostkov age, the child may steal because it’s fun, and because his friends are doing this.

He, therefore, tries to take your life in your hands, or to fill an emotional void.

Whatever the reason for stealing, you need to approach the problem with wisdom. If you react under the influence of emotion, it’s likely that your actions will be wrong and destructive.

Causes of child theft:

1. The child can’t control himself.

Young children lack self-control. The child can take someone else’s, knowing that it’s bad, but can’t cope with them. You will need to help him to get what you want in an honest way.

2. The basic needs of the child provided by the parents.

The child is totally dependent on parents for shelter, food and clothing. If he doesn’t get enough, it begins to steal.

The need of a person’s subjective. Sometimes a parent feels that his child is not in need, and for the child it is very important. For example, school friends of a child’s pocket money on ice cream. The child also appears a need to have them. It may feel flawed in this situation, even if the parents believe that the child is fully guaranteed. In some cases this can lead to theft.

3. The child needs attention.

The most common reason for child vorbeste is an emotional emptiness and lack of attention. The child may steal to fill the void. Most often, these children feel lonely and no one wants to be friends. They don’t know how to Express themselves and their feelings.

Many kids just need attention. They may feel that parents are not interested. This may not be so actually. Kids sometimes just don’t understand parents and seek to meet this need in the theft.

4. The child wants to have control over their lives.

Children understand how they are weak and dependent. By and large, they can’t make the most important decisions in life until adulthood. Some children begin to rebel.

5. Pressure from peers.

Pakosta, children reach for a senior. If the child is adjudged to be in company where theft is considered to be something exciting, he will go with them, just not to vary.

If you suspect your child is stealing

1. Keep calm

Do not overdo it, punishing. If a child steals, it does not mean that he is a thief or spend your entire life as a criminal. This error is the same as others that allow children.

2. Don’t take it personally.

Children steal, to attract attention. If you get offended, then this only encourage them to continue their bad actions.

3. Don’t blame the child and not yell at him.

This item is very important. You need to catch the child in “hot” to the situation spoke for itself. Never blame the child, based on his suspicions.

If you have proof, ask him if it’s true. He or confess, or you will make sure that he is lying. If he’s telling the truth, and you punish him, it will be a lesson that it is better to speak the truth. In any case, the situation is difficult, but without hard evidence does not make sense to proceed with the case.

If a third person says that your child is stealing, ask the child. If he denies it, believe the child. If you don’t believe his word, then this will show that you don’t trust him. It can have a very deep and bad effects.

Even if you are 99% confident that the child is stealing – it’s not enough for the prosecution. For example, you find that your wallet is gone the new bill of $ 50, which you got yesterday from the ATM. In the wash, you find it among the things of the child. First, you took his hand in the offense. Maybe someone lost a new bill, and he found her. Maybe you lost her, and he found it. If you have not seen with my own eyes the child took the money out of your wallet, your accusations are unfounded.

4. Make sure that the child understands that his act was wrong.

This is especially true of young children.

What to do if you have “hot”

Do not ask for explanations. Explain that it is forbidden for him to take someone else’s. Not moralize. Use simple words.

“Stealing is bad. You wouldn’t want to have someone took your favorite toy? So not nice to take someone else’s toy yourself.”

Never imply that the child is bad. Stealing is bad, the child is good. Never call your child a thief, a liar, or in other words, you don’t want it to become. Meshing the label, you are forcing the child to grow just such a person.

Correct act

If a child stole, he must pay damages. If the casualty is your neighbor, the child should be attributed stolen back, to apologize and to promise him that this will not happen again. You should go with the child to the neighbor for moral support.

If your child stole money from you

Calculate how many were stolen and tell the child that he needs this money to work. He can do it by helping around the house. You want to split the payment for a month. He also in the future have to earn their pocket money.

Hide the temptation

Don’t leave money in places where they can easily be found. Do not give your child a big bill, sending it to the shop to buy a loaf of bread.

Forgive and forget the past

Find the cause of theft

If the child needs attention, try to give it to him. If he wants to manage his life, help him to play sports or another activity where he will be able to show themselves. If he needs a certain brand of pants to join the team, try to buy them.

Continue to trust the child.

If a child stole something, that doesn’t mean he’s a thief. If you call him that, he will grow up.

Be an example of honesty

Children learn from the examples their parents. A parent who “takes” home things from work or brags that gave the buyer delivery of the child’s bad actions.

In conclusion

Theft is a common problem. It can be applied to other mistakes of a child. The mistake you just need to fix and no more. If you correctly do that, then the problem will disappear quickly and easily.


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