Private kindergarten or a public?

Hello everyone! With you as usual Andrew Shaikylov and in this article I would like to talk to you on the subject of kindergarten.

Many parents wonder (when the time comes to send your child to kindergarten): “What to choose a private kindergarten or a public?”

That’s it on this topic today, and will be devoted to my article.

The issue I already discussed in my new book and those who read it already know that it is better to choose PUBLIC kindergarten! You ask why? The answer is in this article.

Private kindergarten or a public?

As the birth rate increases year after year, places in kindergartens was not enough. Offers many private kindergartens, and many parents believe that to visit such a garden is better for the child to pay more attention. Of course the choice is always yours! But it is worth considering that public kindergartens is much safer private, because the activities of private institutions, as a rule, there is no CENTRALIZED control!

— If your child is watching one person, who looks after him?

— You know who looks after children when the teacher is setting the table or preparing food?

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