How to get the attention and love of her husband after giving birth

The birth of a child is not only a great happiness for the family. Usually such an important event is becoming quite a serious test of the strength of the relationship between husband and wife. And not all couples cope with the new role. That’s exactly why ladies ask the doctors a question: how can I return the attention and love of her husband, when the family has a new baby.

The birth of a child is fundamentally changing the perception of life people. Changing social roles and statuses, financial burden is redistributed, perekrivaetsya the mode of the day. And this is only a small part of what happens to the couple after the appearance of her long-awaited child.

What happens to the couple after the baby is born

First of all, the workload for young parents is significantly increased. Because the child requires persistent attention. This means that you have bad and a little sleep at night, during the day to be constantly alert, to regularly walk with the child and thus to carry out their daily duties – cleaning the house and making money.

If a child is restless or painful, all these concerns need to multiply it by two and get real busy young parents.

Naturally, to make such a schedule is possible only by joint love and understanding. But even these two senses are severely tested childbirth and the first months of baby’s life. The young woman was completely rebuilt on the child. And this is physiologically justified, because in her body intensified hormone responsible for feeding offspring, plus included maternal instinct. The baby after birth is small, fragile and defenseless. In this regard, the woman ceases to feel like a woman and only starts to become a mother. Then, according to psychologists, and start the main problems for men. It is against this all-consuming love of the woman to the child remains overboard. Tortured by not getting enough sleep, washing, glacoma and cleaning the young mother simply does not have the strength to give enough attention to her man. In addition, it confuses and several physiological characteristics that have all the ladies after childbirth. This and the milk flowing from the breast. and postnatal discharge that last for about 4-6 weeks. Also a young mother is strained and about his changing shape – a little belly hangs, almost full hips, etc.

If a man really loves a woman and appreciates her, he will patiently wait out this difficult period, to help his wife, and together they will restore their harmony. However, such men are not so common as we would like. And most average men prefer to deal with their lives when they feel that their wives are slightly distanced from them.

How to get the attention of her husband

How difficult would the woman had not raising a child, she has yet to address the conservation of the family hearth. For this, first of all, the lady needs to start to look after themselves. On the one hand, it will help to bring back the interest of the spouse. On the other will give her the confidence in themselves and their appearance. And this is the key to getting rid of postpartum depression and the ability to start a new full life. Moreover, the time for classes to find is not so difficult. Gymnastics can be practiced with the baby – and it is useful, and the child put on the mother’s abdomen, can serve as an additional power load during the working of a particular group of muscles.

Secondly, the woman must begin to follow him. It is with the birth of a child ladies usually waving her hand, pull the stretched t-shirt (so easier to feed), strange fat pants and tie my hair in a ponytail (well, if your hair before this brush). So standard and formed the image of the mother of the family, which is deprecated with all the stylists and designers. Against this background, the men, of course, lost the desire. Especially because he’s at work ply beautiful and fit people that are fundamentally different from covered wife.

Despite the fact that it’s just an illusion that women at work are always so smart and well-groomed, the man in the head she quickly rooted. Then with his wife he became interested, and it remains for him only the mother.

Another rule applies to self-education. It’s no secret that immersion in child care negatively affects the intelligence of ladies. All previously obtained knowledge slowly forgotten, new ones to replace them do not come, and as a result it turns out that this lady even talk about, except of baby clothes, diapers and development studios. To get out of this vicious circle is not so difficult – most importantly, the desire to engage in their own education. This will help various audio courses that you can listen while walking the baby, reading books all on the same outing, mastering a new hobby. It is in the decree in the woman in a special way reveals creativity.

In addition, it should be for her husband the most reliable support and support. Just wanting to wait for his house, from the doorway to sit at the table, and then carefully listen to it. Praise is what appreciates a man, so don’t be stingy. Thus immediately the threshold to drop the man stories about how many times slept, ate or went to the toilet your child, it is not necessary. This conversation can be carried out later.

The involvement of the Pope to care for the baby

Nothing strengthens the relationship and restore the love between a man and a woman, as joint education of their common children. It is impossible to remove the Pope from education, taking everything on yourself. It is the behavior and leads to disastrous consequences. Daddy need to trust, feel free to leave baby with him for a while, to allow him to walk with a stroller. Known cases of young fathers even at home some responsibility for yourself take.

From a psychological point of view, this behaviour has a very positive effect on the father. He begins to appreciate and respect what makes his wife for the family, and on this ground they have less scandals and complaints.

The restoration of relations and third parties

In rebuilding romantic relationship in the family can not do without help. Usually the couples in these matters work closely with their relatives – grandparents of the child, aunts and uncles. They can always leave the baby to go out together with her husband in the café, attend some important event or just to spend a romantic night. That type of measure, psychologists say, helps strengthen the bond between spouses and to restore the relationship between them.

If the parents are not nearby, you can take the help of friends if they offer you such. However, in this case you should consider that too far you will not succeed – high for 2-3 hours. But this time should be enough to regain the affection between the partners.

When no friends nearby, ready to take the child for a couple of hours, no parents, for young parents will be temporary nanny. To call a woman through a large number of different sites that offer assistance in finding domestic staff. This will give you the opportunity to get out of the house at the time that you need.

The main rule is to apply only to the audited Agency, so how can you trust a stranger the most valuable thing you have. And it is desirable to rewrite all passport data of the nanny, her phone. the address of the place of residence.

To strengthen the attachment between the couple with the baby

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