Greedy children – what should parents do with the money-grubber?

Greedy children — what should parents do in this situation? How to behave and how to re-educate the child? Unfortunately, today a lot of children with this problem. Moreover, it is not necessary that the child inherits the parents ‘ behaviour. Greed at first glance it may appear out of nowhere and interfere with normal communication not only of the child with peers, but also to excite parents: why suddenly the child became greedy. As happens with any problem, for its solution it is necessary to determine the underlying cause.

Greedy kid — where the problem occurs?

At the age of one and a half to two years the child has not yet formed the concept of his and others. All around exposed inquisitive child study — all around me! And hence it is necessary to investigate, tatakau away in your mouth, smell, taste and so on.

To two years the child is completely aware of his and I confidently speak their toys: “mine!” In this case — this is the first psychological stage of development of your baby. Only in this age, the child begins to realize what really “mine” and what is “not mine”, someone else’s. Hence the demand with the child now grows up, once there is an understanding — and then there is responsibility. My child is that close that expensive, what is in his range of sight and possession. However, at the initial stage of the formation of “his — someone else’s” still not worth much to punish the kid for a designation that belongs to him and what is not.

To three years, your child learned to speak such unpleasant for You the word “no”. However, this happily. Now you will understand why. The fact that this is a very important skill for your child’s future. Denial in the future will help to have your kid resistant own opinion and the ability to hold your rod when children all around the flock of sheep went “guide – peers” who is about to do something inappropriate. Here is the word “no” in the key of greed in children is very important. At this age it is already possible to teach a child to feel the difference. Just at this age, your baby communicates quite well with peers and in this fellowship children’s toys is crucial. At this age it is important to explain to the son or daughter that the toys — it is a method to ingratiate himself and gain friendship from the favourite person. Respectively — to be greedy, so to make enemies.

With five to seven years . if the child sits inside greed, it is a serious testimony about internal psychological problems. In this situation, parents need to hold a “debriefing” and find the wrong methods of education, which led the child to greed. We are going to do below.

Greedy children — where do they come from?

To help the child cope with such an illness, such as greed, it is important to understand where it came from. Among all causes are the most common:

Jealousy of brothers and sisters . the manifestation of attention from parents. So the child can show their greed to restore “justice” and precipitate a brother or sister. Talk to the kid and explain that you love them all equally, and watch your deeds, that You could not be blamed. Read more how to deal with children’s jealousy. you can read on our site.

Large employment parents — in this case, the child perceives gifts from parents, as the only manifestation of attention. And therefore the unhealthy of their values. Output is obvious: give the child a little more attention, go to the end, somewhere on the weekends, on these! And not following.

The Hyper parents . Indulging all the desires and necessities of the child’s parents eventually grow little despot who perceives all around as his Kingdom to his subjects and subordinates. In the end, when the child grows and his behavior becomes inappropriate, parents are trying to change the situation and faced with a lack of understanding of the child: “How so. Previously, it was possible, but now?!” This closes the child and he was even more anxious to return to his usual comfortable environment is becoming greedy. Output: to think about the upbringing of the child in advance whether or not you are overlooking your baby now?

Indecision and shyness. Such qualities can be the consequence of the genetic nature of the child or the consequence of education of parents. A child who is hesitant to communicate, to seek comfort with their toys, and especially to protect them, as they are his only friends. Output: teach your child to communicate.

Too lean child. This is perhaps the most complicated case, when the baby is so afraid to damage or break a toy that protects her in all possible and impossible ways. What to do, how to deal with the greed of a child? Consider this important issue below.

What to do if your child is greedy?

Greedy kid — what to do? Greed — it is a disease and needs to be treated. How to deal with greed?

First what you need to fight to keep it from turning into greed — it’s envy. Yes, today your a small child and claims he had a minor: seeing the beautiful colourful toy from a peer, it will require the same. Believe me, if you year after year will fulfill all the desires of the baby — when he grows up, he will require a real car, not some, but more expensive. It is therefore very important to learn to refuse to the child, explain what causes envy and greed. In the future, the child had psychological traumas, learn to perceive the surrounding universe for what it is. It is important that the child understand that happiness does not consist in the acquisition of all of the physical benefits, or later, as an adult he expect big disappointment.

Remember that up to five years, you are laying the moral principles in the child. It is up to this age, it is important to teach your child to feel inside yourself positive emotions and negative and to stop the influx of negativity. Definitely it will be just to have a good creative effect.

Instill in the child the core of self-esteem. To avoid thoughts like “everyone has something, and I’m a loser”, “what about me someone out there will think?”. Teach your child the difference in the concepts of greed and, for example, defending her. Protect your family, protect their rights, their interests. In other words, it is important that the child from the childhood he realized that there is greed and there is protection. And these two concepts differ. That is, no one to speak to distribute her property right and left, but at the same time you have to share.

As always, the important point — imitation. Show by personal example how to share. Go feed the ducks at the lake, feed a stray dog or cat. Teach your child kindness to his own example.

Do not cultivate generosity by humiliation. Don’t overact when raising a child, don’t humiliate him hurtful phrases and nicknames, like “meanie-beef fufufu”. So you teach your child more likely to manipulate and show the example with your own behavior. This results in the fact that the child ceases to be greedy only to his love again, but not aware of the underlying why it had to be done. When the child grows up and will have less need of your love and care, for him it will cease to be an argument, and he simply will get greedy.

Motivation — as a way of dealing with a child’s greed. Praise your child when he will make generous decent thing to do. Instead of motivating the “what people think”(you will only bring up a child dependent on another’s opinion), smodeliruite child that he before itself should be clean. In the thoughts, actions and principles.

By the way, another good method of how to deal with greed in the child, is to bring home toys . or buy on the way to visit, a symbolic souvenir kids with whom you will be meeting. Nurture in the child a sense of pleasure and gratification, when he gives someone a gift and share with someone. Explain to your child that the society appreciate people who are not greedy. Tell my circle of friends, what kind of people arouse sympathy.

Teach your child the principle of fair exchange. The kid must understand that the exchange should be equivalent, with no hidden pitfalls. In other words, that it is impossible to change a broken toy on the whole. And it is also important that the child has learned to appreciate someone else’s opinion.

So. If your child has become greedy, then there is nothing to worry about! Understand that for children under a certain age, greed — this is normal. Apply the above principles into practice and show by example and your baby will definitely change for the better. Very valuable for us Your personal experience in the struggle with greed, but because you can leave under article comment. Will be interesting to read!

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