Favorite color of the child.

Sometimes we adults coloring your world in a very unusual color. If we Tosca, green, and if you dream, then blue, if Monday, well… think for yourself.

Babies are all different. For them the words “Orange sky orange sea, orange green orange camel” is a normal phenomenon. Kids like bright colors. Therefore beckons bright packaging in the supermarket. And no matter what the product may not be as good, or unhealthy, the child will ask to buy just because he was attracted by the bright shiny packaging.

Some of the children like red, and some prefer green. Child psychologists argue that these preferences say about habits, and character of the child.

Red color – kids love leaders, very active, moving, “Zinger”. This color gives confidence and determination. Therefore, psychologists advise clothes red shy and not very confident in yourself kiddies. It is also useful in the presence of this color in the boy’s clothing, it will give the child a sense of the winner.

The orange color – I prefer optimists, they are always cheerful, talkative. Kids are always easy to find contact with their peers and adults. Have many different Hobbies which are changing rapidly. Today they like one thing, tomorrow another. Guys can be the soul of any company, but at the same time well play alone. Pediatricians say that the love for the orange color indicates good physical fitness baby.

Yellow is the color of the holiday, the color of joy. If the child’s favorite color is yellow, this indicates that the child is determined to win. It is often chosen by children who in the future may become businessmen, politicians. This color must be in the wardrobe of the baby, because it helps to cultivate cheerfulness and originality. Psychologists advise parents to take into account another important fact, if the kid chooses yellow, it means both at home and in school supportive atmosphere. But if the child refuses from this color, it means there is some kind of uncomfortable situation, you need to find and fix

Green – you need to divide by shades – light and dark. If the child prefers bright, light green hue that speaks of optimism and calm baby. His analytical mind, well-developed imagination and deep intellect, great sense of humor. But the dark green color should alert parents. This color is chosen by children who are not comfortable in this situation. Perhaps they are bad at daycare or school, They don’t feel adequate care and protection from parents.

Blue color – I prefer kids with a calm nature, which is a little naughty, like quiet games. Blue color helps to foster responsibility, self-discipline, perseverance, and masculinity in boys and cool girls. Psychologists do not recommend this color shy kids, because it is not conducive to communication. Parents need to pay attention if the baby reaches for a blue felt-tip pen, perhaps, he’s sad.

Pink color – this color is loved by many girls, it is the color of femininity. Helps educating tenderness and softness. Some psychologists believe that parents need to be wary if the pink color chooses the boy. As this choice indicates the isolation, weakness, feeling is not prinetti and rejection surrounded by peers. But it also happens that boys chose pink, because I love sweets, which they associated with pink color.

The color purple – like the children who enthusiastically draw or sculpt from clay. If the child’s favorite color purple, perhaps Your family is growing, the future artist, sculptor, and possibly actor. These kids love to act on stage, play different scenes, At the same time the kids are very vulnerable and in need of praise and support.

White color is the color of sincerity, the color of purity. The choice of color child may indicate observation, and the inclination to philosophy, a rich inner world. At the same time, these children are more shy and introverted than their peers. If the child is categorically against white, should be wary moms. They, as it indicates that the relationship with his mother has been a crack that the relationship is not as smooth as we would like.

Still want to say, if the parents will let the child choose the color, in the future he will be more independent, more confident person. No need to swoon outfits from son or daughter – it will pass. And when will there be a grace-filled moment for parent – child ceased to wear things with colors “red-eye” – that means only one thing – Your baby has grown.

Talk about black and brown.


It is the color of loyalty, stability. If the child’s favorite color is brown, you know that Your little feet firmly on the ground, confident in the future, that everything will be okay. Considered the family as a reliable support in my life and in the future he will create a strong family. It is a calm, confident Keeper of the hearth. These kids are not afraid of any hard work: something to collect, to assemble, to restore order. Many children like to work with clay, clay. In adolescence they become very erudite and well-read. At the same time, some psychologists believe that the baby, choosing a brown color, can experience a kind of tension. Therefore, trying to create his own private little world, which will be even more to protect and defend. Parents need to find the cause of such internal stresses of the child, analyzing the situation at home and in kindergarten, and then fix it. Create in the house peace and quiet, let the child the feeling of utter safety and security.

Black color

When the child chooses the black color is very scares parents. But, if the child is 4 or 5 years no need to worry. The child picks up the white paper and it’s just very convenient to paint black. Because it is the most contrasting with white. Sometimes just sad tale may force the child to choose black color. Kids who prefer black, sometimes brooding, self-absorbed, with the soul of a seeker. Possess a proven ability to foresee and a great curiosity. Some psychologists believe that the black color the child can choose when he wants to tell something to the parents, but does not know how to do it, can’t find the words. Do not be afraid, baby just can’t yet elaborate, and it made him happy. With time it opens. An older child already knows and calls colors and shades, can talk about their feelings, and then the drawings become his “talking”. If you offer your child to draw their feelings on paper, the choice of colors child will be varied. Anger is usually red, joy – orange, and alarm – black. It’s not about what color draws the child and their share in the figure. If an album sheet is completely black, it should be cautious and observe the child. He’s really worried about something and he needs your help. If the child’s favorite color is black, he now wants to dress up in all black, you know this is a temporary phenomenon. Even if you don’t like it, do not shout and do not break immediately his tastes. Over time, encourage your child to add a belt or purse of a different color. Most importantly, without breaking anything – proceed slowly.

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