Elementary school

For children this is a safe Playground where you can learn something interesting, to create something new, play smart games, socialize with peers, participate in projects and competitions.

Parents interested to exchange tips on parenting, to obtain, if necessary, consultation with teachers, learn more about their own children.

Teachers can communicate with each other on neutral territory. “Elementary school” free from the chiefs of all ranks and sizes, from the ranks, except for one title – teacher.

7 June 2008 Nachalka was registered and on 15 June was opened to visitors.

During this time the community came and left more than 25,000 participants. Thank you all for what we are together!

The service works, which were originally conceived, the participants present new ideas, practice suggests ways to implement them. More and more opportunities you receive to ensure cooperation.

In the photo gallery are illustrations for lessons for elementary school. Take it and enjoy!

In the cinema – collection of cartoons and slideshows, which gladly refer with parent forums and educational resources, as well as a collection of audioplay and filmstrips, sent by children.

The library has about a thousand references to the development of lessons for elementary school, presentations, articles, educational resources.

Created modules for children search and search for teachers . You haven’t tried?

The Board works , educational blogs and baby blogs . I hope that with time the authors will be more, this is so great to share what they know and can do myself!

News Nachalki, September 5

Taken by students in the “Nachalku”

Dear class teachers. Probably, you have already planned project activities for the current academic year. Then do not delay registration of students in the community at the last moment: it happens that on the eve of the launch of the project for the day you have to check tens or even hundreds of new accounts. And, as often happens, an application filed in the rush and panic, contains errors that lead to account suspension the student.

Please send invitations to the community to his disciples in advance and remember that participation in the project and in the community – voluntary choice of the students . Let the work on our platform brings joy to children, and their teachers, and organizers of projects.

If you guys are already members of the community, it’s time to verify that the user profile with the correct class. If the data are outdated, rebates need to tedactive profile .

With the new school year!

Note adults

Introduction to the project activity new academic year Begins, and Nachalka again pleases us with new interesting projects. Someone wants to participate in the project, but, unfortunately, lacks experience and knowledge. Someone pondering how to introduce a first-grader in the project activity, the child to independently perform the tasks, and did not look like they do already know how the older members of the family or the teacher.

To solve these problems offer a workshop on “Introduction to project activity” (details ).

We invite you to participate in network projects

Sad to go! The charm of the eyes!

Autumn is the harvest season, the season of active bird migration and training of nature for the winter. What is autumn without “purple, gold, scarlet” leaves?

But our country is so great that the South is still warm, the leaves on the trees very green, and in the Northern areas already cold, it rains frequently and sometimes freezing.

Guys, let’s together conduct experiments to observe the autumn changes in nature in different parts of our country and share their observations with each other!

Invite students 2 – 3 classes and their coordinators (teachers, parents, librarians) to participate in the project “a melancholy time! The charm of the eyes!” .

Road adventure Bun

Entering grade 1, the children automatically become participants of road traffic. The guys need to learn to live in the big world of cars, intersections, roads and traffic lights. Kids and adults should know and follow the rules of the road. How to learn these rules?

Students 1 class we invite you to participate in an educational web quest “Road adventures of the Gingerbread man” . Offers puzzles, puzzles and activities that will introduce children to the basic rules of the road, with children’s sites with useful and entertaining information, and most importantly will help children become literate by pedestrians.

Registration in the project from 18 September to 26 September .

Broad is my native land

Nature is the source of joy, inspiration. Nature is the most important subject of knowledge. What we know about the nature of different parts of our country? The reason for its diversity? As people concerned about the preservation of nature?


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