Child and household duties

Do you think that children should help their parents in household chores?

Why should the child have their chores?

Experts say that children’s participation in economic Affairs – promotes education in their responsibility, increases their sense of self-esteem and helps them feel needed. But here’s the reality of modern mom: we’re trying to do housework while the baby is asleep or in school.

Importantly, to determine the domestic responsibilities of the child in accordance with his age. The best way to involve the child in the implementation of economic Affairs, without creating unnecessary problems for herself is to highlight the responsibilities that children will be able to perform without assistance from beginning to end. Plus, to develop a system of rewards for children faithfully performed the work.

Children of kindergarten age

The words “household duties” are hardly suitable for children of this age, because they usually tend to spend more time with you and love to help. Choose easy tasks that will not bother your baby. Because chores for him at this stage is fun, so awards, as such he does not need. Just praise him for a job well done.

What kind of things can you trust such a baby?

To collect toys. Turn cleaning up into a game: tell your child to first collect all the yellow cubes in a box or put the doll to sleep.

In the kitchen show how a paper towel can be wet spilled on the table milk.

To catch a speck of dust. Slide over the handle of a child of his old socks and tell him to collect as much dust as he can from all low surfaces (but be careful with sharp corners and edges!).

Cover together on the table. Let the child decorate the salad, putting on top of the tomatoes or put cookies on a plate.

Preparations for washing the clothes. Get this baby room a separate small Laundry basket and he puts the dirty clothes in the end of the day.

At this age children love to brag about your skills. Use this feature to trusting the child a separate case entirely and giving him some independence. Should you reward your children for work done? Depends on you but many experts suggest that it is better not to associate the reward with the help around the house (which they should do anyway!) at this age.

What tasks can you trust a preschooler?

To fill my bed. 4, 5-year-old child can lie flat pillows and bed cover coverlet (it is not necessary to check how exactly it is strained by means of thread).

Give him a chance to prepare your own Breakfast sandwich or cereal with milk.

To water the flowers. Small baby lehecka and some explanations will help the child to cope with this task, leaving puddles on the floor.

Primary school children

Your student has been in school a long time, after gaining independence during the school day. So don’t be afraid to allow him to do certain chores. To reward him for it? Again, depends on you. At this age already need some encouraging responsibility.

What can you trust them?

Load dishwasher and washing machine. To wash, wipe and put her in her place.

To set the table. While it does, you can chat with him about how the day went.

Feed and walk Pets. This will cause it understanding of the importance of caring about someone.

To remove and dump your stuff. This applies to toys, writing utensils, clothes etc. At this stage, the child must keep track of their own things on their own. This especially applies to school fees of the portfolio. To avoid the morning rush, the child has to do it the night before.

Carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner. At this age you may still have to control the process and quality of the work.

Reading books younger brothers and sisters. Because your child has learned to read fluently, then let his duty will be reading books younger. Excellent replacement TV for both of them.

Remove products in the fridge: after eating or after going to the store.

Senior students

If your child is old enough to ask for a cell phone or stay home alone, he’s definitely ready for more adult tasks. But at this age appears laziness, unwillingness to do household chores or performing their “slack”. As an incentive for your child, you should consider the option of a reward for helping around the house.

The problem child:

Give him more opportunities to move. Modern children changed walking in the yards on the seat in front of the TV and the computer.

Machine wash can be a useful and enjoyable family entertainment.

Buy products. In the supermarket, you can split up. Divide the shopping list in half, give the baby cart, part list and meet him at the box office.

Cleaning (daily, or even General) in his room. But need control! What about the dust in the corners? Oferta whether toothpaste from the edges of the sink or vanity set?

Sitting with the younger children. Your grown up child can watch your baby in your absence (you have more time to myself!).

To prepare simple meals. Instead of whining, “Mom! I’m hungry!”, the child is quite independent, to make himself a snack.

Shop yourself. Do not send your child for the meat, of course, but some products and items necessary, he can buy independently.

Here is the most interesting category! Your teenager is largely capable of doing any household work that you do. The best way to motivate a child of this age is to make him feel control. Make a list and plan the chores together, for example, or offer him a choice. And here you simply will not be without the stimulus, for example, by issuing them pocket money or reduce the amount of this money, in the case of poor performance of duties. But pocket money should not be associated in the child specifically with the work performed. This should be a reward for the overall behavior, learning, etc. in General. Thus, they will not expect a prize every time take the case.

Tasks of a teenager:

Maid. This obligation is already fully possible to remove from their shoulders and trust in the child.

Cooking food. Teach your child simple cooking simple meals. Let it completely independently, without your help “feed” a family once or twice a month.

Wash your own clothes and Ironing too. And yet, he can already and your clothes to iron for you.

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