Can you spoil a child under the age of 1 year?

Small baby crying when he’s sick. He has no desire to “bully” their parents, just in another way he can’t announce that he was in trouble (is hungry, tummy ache, teething, etc.). For the baby form a favorable impression of the world (which is very important for its further development), none of his request for assistance should not be neglected. As noted by psychologists, these requests have mom must react with lightning speed. According to them, the sooner the mother comes to the child for help, the less nervous system suffers and the more favorable the impression the kid about his new habitat.

The books are especially popular in our country B. Spock a lot of advice not to take the child in his arms, not to play with him too much when he is awake, it is alleged, leads to the spoiled and prevents the development of independence. Alas, these tips (as well as much more in the books for Spock) the latest data of psychology does not stand up to scrutiny. It is tactile contact (when a child), a calm gentle voice mom give the child confidence, reduce stress, and thereby created the conditions for independence.

All parents it is advisable to learn one simple thing: in the first months of life (approximately one year) there is no danger to spoil the child. Love and affection can never have too many.

A young child also needs food, sleep, movement, there is also the need for love, communication, affection. According to psychologists, parents who give their child all of this, lay the Foundation, so that he grew confident and happy person.

In the book B. Spock’s “Baby and care for it” I was surprised to find the following lines: “so, if your baby is crying at the end of the period of wakefulness after feeding, we first assume that he is tired and put him to bed. Let him cry for 15 to 30 minutes. “I don’t know, maybe there are parents who have managed to quietly observe how their child toiling in 15-30 minutes, but for me personally it’s not a strength. And why? Is it not better to calm your baby and help him.

One of the common myths Creek strengthens the lungs. Even if it did, what is more important to you — the lack of stress in the child, or as light as the submariner?

Sometimes babies cry just to relieve stress. The parents in this case I propose to give the baby an hour or so to shout. I find it hard to agree with such advice. The impression is that these are given to people whose children never much cried and cried.

If the baby cries, you need to calm down, and not wait until he stops. If you will not take the child in his arms — it can lead to various serious disorders of development of the baby, first and foremost, to undermine the basic trust in the world. Take the child in his arms, comfort him with words, turn on a light relaxing music, put it on himself so that he could hear the beating of your heart.

Calming the child should follow in order to be in a flat emotional state and how to “radiate” on the baby my love. Parental love works miracles — this is the best means of calming a crying baby.

By the way, conducted by research psychologists have shown that children who at an early age saw a lot of warmth and affection, future marriage is more durable.

When the child is a little older (about a year), then it is already possible and not to run to him immediately after the first squeak. He needs to gradually understand that sometimes you need to wait, otherwise he will quickly understand what was happening, and “sit on the neck of the parents.”

And another tip. You should not compare your “screamer” with other, calmer children: each child has their own characteristics of the psyche and temperament. Moreover, as noted by psychologists, usually from a particular “screamers” grow people with a more active lifestyle.


In some cases, the baby will only remain for some time inconsolable. At such moments, parents are simply powerless: no matter how much you wore the baby in her arms and tried to caress, to distract attention with a bright toy, he will cry until his blood will not decrease the level of stress hormones — adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Scientists say that the body to get rid of these hormones, when active work of the muscles. For a grown man to calm enough to do exercises, but the “baby” needs to follow the cry, because crying during it puts a strain on not only the vocal cords but also the entire musculature.

Of course, this does not mean that the baby should not be comforting. To soothe the little one need just not worry if some time you will not succeed.


— Probably, your twins make a lot of noise, when they yell together!

— Not at all. Everyone yells so loudly that the other and not heard.

Additional information

There are several major causes of crying infant:

• baby is hungry and/or wants to satisfy the sucking reflex;

• child felt the need for physical contact with the mother;

• the child wants to sleep or experiencing fatigue;

• the baby had a need to urination or defecation;

• baby it’s cold or hot;

• baby wants his shook;

• the baby any discomfort (tummy ache (colic), teething, diaper rash, etc.).

Also possible causes of crying infant specialists include: anxiety, fright, fear for its integrity, dissatisfaction with contact with the mother or the environment, the effects of birth stress, memories of prenatal period, and even the reaction to geomagnetic or atmospheric phenomena, the phase of the moon (which, in fact, it is not surprising, since young children are very natural and responsive to any changes in the surrounding world).

Interestingly, many women who care about their baby, sooner or later begin by referring to crying to determine what worried the baby.

Myths, misconceptions, illusions

It is considered that the crying of a newborn baby almost to stun an adult human. In fact, studies show that this lament, although it is sometimes quite loud, though not so deafening. Scientists have determined that the struggling screaming baby makes sounds at 60-70 decibels. Oddly enough, but it’s the volume of normal conversation of adults. And limit who is able to perceive the human ear is 120-130 decibels, this mark is approaching the volume of music played at a rock concert. It turns out that infant crying will not cause any damage to your the eardrums, no matter how shrill it may seem to you.


— Why your little brother is like?

— And why shouldn’t he scream? If you do not have any

hair, no teeth, feet if you did not hold, and the hands not the case

sales, you would still not screaming.

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