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5 books that will help you better understand your child

Philosopher Danny Diderot said: “Who stops reading, he stops to think!”. We will begin our book week with five important books for parents. Books that will help a completely different way to look at your relationships with children.

Janusz Korczak “How to love your child”

The most important book that should be read by all mothers and fathers on the light, you can read the book by the famous Polish educator and writer Janusz Korczak “love”. Despite the fact that was written almost a hundred years ago, the book has remained relevant in our time.

Korczak does not offer ready-made solutions, he calls to reflect and find a way to untie the problems and correct errors that we face every day raising children.

This man deserved, so we listened to him not only life but also death. Janusz Korczak did not leave their pupils even in the gas ovens of Treblinka, and died with them, although he offered to save lives.

«If we divide mankind into adults and children, and life — in childhood and adulthood, it appears that children and childhood — this is a very large part of humanity and life. Just busy with their own concerns, their struggles, we do not notice it, as noticed previously, a woman, a man, enslaved tribes and peoples. We were arranged so that children as little as possible interfere with us, that they as little understood that we really are and what really do”.

“… In the realm of the senses he [ the child] is superior to us because he knows no brakes. In the field of intelligence at least equal to us. He has it all. He only lacks experience. This kind of person is so often the child, and the child is an adult. The difference is that he earns his bread, which, as we have in the content, he is forced to obey our demands…”.

Of the Masaru Ibuka “After three late”

The author of this remarkable book, one of the founders of Sony Corporation, a successful businessman and an amazing person believed that young children have the ability to learn anything.

Masaru Ibuka was sure that any experience and any experience gained under the age of three years, becomes part of the base formed personality, even if the person does not remember everything that happened to him in early childhood.

Engineering ideas Masaru Ibuka technical change the world, and his groundbreaking theory of education and training outlined in this book helped parents a whole different look at their babies.

One such revolutionary moments can be considered global changes in the relationship of a father and a child.

If earlier it was assumed that very young children are more engaged mom and dad is waiting until the child ’s something to talk about”, now more and more fathers are beginning to communicate with the crumbs at an early age.

“you Cannot educate a truly good person in the family, where work on the education and development of the child is entirely the responsibility of mom and dad’s only sometimes at her request included in these concerns. No time constraints or fatigue after work should not interfere with fathers to engage with their children” .

Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish “How to speak that children listened, and how to listen so children talk”

Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish — well-known experts in the field of relations of parents with children. This book — a practical guide for parents, which is built on scenes from real life with the authors (who have two to six children), their friends or friends ‘ friends.

With humor and without tediousness, with the help of illustrative examples and simple but effective techniques (“Listen to him carefully. Sharing his feelings with words “Yes”, “hmm”, “clear”&hellip , the authors teach parents to find a common language with your own child.

« When I’m upset or hurt me, the last thing I want to hear this advice, philosophical outpourings, psychological discourse or other points of view people. This type of conversation will only aggravate my condition, which will be even worse than it was before. Pity makes me feel unhappy, issues — to protect themselves, and most of all I hate when I hear that I have no reason to feel what I feel.

With children the same thing. They, too, can help themselves, if someone is willing to listen to them and empathize with them. But the word empathy does not come to us in the head in a natural way. It is not our ” mother tongue”. Most of us grew up in an atmosphere of denial of feelings. To master this new language endorsement, we need to learn his techniques and to practice them”.

Julia simultaneously “to Communicate with rebenokm. How?”

Professor of General psychology at Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Julia simultaneously simple and accessible answers of concern to each father and mother issues concerning their relationships with children.

Many of the situations presented in the book, is all too familiar to each of us. As in the previous book, there are many examples of correct and incorrect variants conversations with children. Sometimes our reactions and dialogues reproduced so precisely that it seems like someone invisible was listening carefully right in your kitchen.

Psychologist teaches the use of a constructive method of conflict resolution, explains what you need to do to a child to obey, and how to fix the relationship if they are deadlocked. And most importantly, gives in his book the word is not only for adults but also for children.

“the Mother of one five year old girl, finding my daughter the symptoms of neurosis, went to the doctor. In conversation it became clear that one day my daughter asked me: “Mum, what’s the biggest trouble you had with my dad before I was born?”. “Why do you ask?” — said her mother. “Yes, because then you’re the biggest trouble has been I”, ” she replied”.

Kenjiro Haitani “the Look of a Rabbit”

This is the only one in our list is a book that belongs to fiction, and is to some extent a collection of tips on parenting, and, nevertheless, to bypass it to their attention we can’t.

Novel famous Japanese writer and teacher of Kenjiro Haitani “the Sight of the rabbit» withstood many editions (with a total circulation of over two million copies and was translated into many languages.

This book is about the school, the relationship between students and teachers, parents and children. About people who inspire, about humanism. The book that everyone is different and ready-made solutions, of course, does not exist. Watching as a young teacher Fumi Kotani trying to understand why her student, forever silent strange baby Tatsuzo, has committed several violent acts, we begin with different attitude to those or other actions of their children, to seek the cause of their “incomprehensible” behavior.


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