Baby not sleeping during the day.

Mommy infant toddler tough: the days fly by, like a flash in the care of the little miracle that had settled in her house less than a year ago. But if the baby is not sleeping during the day, you can imagine how my mom’s head is spinning! We have to do all the chores, care baby, take care of diet, hygiene, yourself need to not forget, after all, not poevshaya on time and well rested mother will not receive the required volume of milk for feeding.

In such an active rhythm of life the baby who suddenly refused to sleep during the day, makes unexpected chaos in mom mode, becomes restless himself, and both are already tense enough that without the help of a third party, they can not do!

Well, if there’s an assistant who will swing to lull your toddler will replace mom in the kitchen or take a walk with the baby on the street. But if there is no such person, the parent simply can’t cope without the few valuable tips!

In this article, you will learn:

The reasons why babies don’t sleep during the day

My tummy hurts

The most common reason for a lack of sleep in babies, the first three months of life is colic in the abdomen. The intestinal flora of the newborn baby is formed for two whole years, but the first three months is a special time of formation, when in the intestines is a struggle for space between beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms.

While the walls of the intestines are covered with bacteria, the digestion process can be unstable, defective, in the tummy will form the bubbles and to torture the kid with his mother.

I’m always hungry

Reasons for hunger in the child may be several. Mom may not be enough milk or his lot, but the kid is not dosasyvaet before receipt of the fatty milk from the back of the breast. Drunk front, more “empty”, and falls asleep. After a short time sensitivity ventricle, pipsqueak includes a siren, and mom is once again forced to leave their things and run to an upset baby.

The second possible cause of hunger is the previous paragraph, namely, a bellyache. Newborns perceive any discomfort in the abdominal area as hunger. Looking for chest, actively stick to any subject relating to the person. Mommy perceives such behavior as hunger.

At the time, how to engage in the prevention of bloating, constipation, diarrhea. Mother should eat strictly according to the rules of the diet of lactating women. Perhaps freeing the baby from pain in the tummy, you’ll find him sleeping soundly.

Me thirsty

If mom is too sweet or fatty milk, the baby may feel thirsty. Not all mothers are practicing podravanje newborn. But if the baby is given water, you should do it regularly. Perhaps the child is not sleeping during the day because of dry mouth.

I have somewhere something itching

The delicate skin of babies is very sensitive to any stimuli. Infant erythema, atopic dermatitis, change of scalp skin can all affect the condition of the crumbs. Itching and anxiety are very often not allowed to sleep for babies, but unfortunately, only a wee baby can’t tell mom about this or to help himself, so he can only cry.

Change my diaper

There are kids who are absolutely indifferent to the conditions in which they are located, they will sniff and not Wake up for 3 hours, even if their diaper is full. But there are representatives of the “deep intellectuals” that even at the time of urination they Wake up and begin to show concern. And mom can hardly teach a child to do otherwise. There is already scarce educates parents and makes them much more often put to change a single diaper, or they simply refuse to sleep!

I’m so excited, I can’t sleep

If you have missed the due period of daytime sleep toddler, it is quite expected reaction is a further violation of sleep and wakefulness. In this situation it is necessary to help the child relax. Organize a walk in the fresh air, bathe your baby in warm water with chamomile, give him some green tea, if you have already practiced podravanje.

I miss my mommy

If your baby doesn’t sleep during the day, perhaps it suggests that you should both entertain! Crumbs can feel the energy of mother is much more subtle than we adults. If the parent itself is already on edge, tired, excited, nervous, and her baby will behave similarly. He will feel the discomfort of the mother and to show the same reaction.

At such moments, the mother should forget about all problems and worries, to lie down next to your little one, enjoy the intimacy with the beloved and dearest man in the world, relax and sleep. You’d be surprised, but, most likely, your baby will peacefully sleep next to you exactly what you will be beside him.

Sometimes you must remind yourself that the baby is less need sterilization around and more constant feeling of close proximity to mom.

Ventilate the room

The baby may interfere with sleep during the day stuffy in the room, dry air, or, conversely, excessive moisture. If the climate in your home does not meet the provisions of the regulations for the infant room, then think about ways to rectify the situation. The baby sleep can be disturbed, this will be followed by the excitement of the nervous system, weakening of the immune system. Make sure that your baby is comfortable and awake, and sleep.

I’m hot

Many mothers mercilessly putting on their children, believing that a child under one year should definitely wear a suit of cabbage in which it is found. Heat transfer processes in the organism of the baby are still not fully stable, the baby overheats very quickly, the body temperature rises, the baby throws into the pot. Distasteful to him, but my mother didn’t know why her baby is not sleeping during the day, she lulls and swayed, and even covering them with a warm blanket.

Remember the rule: a child under one year is necessary to dress the same as themselves, adding another layer of medium density fabric. We are talking about the average adult, that is not “the walrus” and not “article”.

How many hours a day should a baby to sleep?

Now loved by many pediatrician Komorowski said, “Your child owes nothing!”, and he would be right. Of course, there are average healthy sleep and waking your baby up to a year, but they are all conditional, and if the baby is normal, calm, active, and let’s not sleeping on the health!

The average child the first month of life sleeps in the day and 18 hours. He wakes up only to eat and slightly move your limbs. Closer to 3 months maximum value of sleep per night reaches an average of 15 hours. After 3 months, this value is so individual that it is difficult to quote an average figure. But, as a rule, most children up to a year to sleep at least two times a day for 2 hours.

If your baby doesn’t sleep during the day, do not rush to sound the alarm and run to the neurologist. First try to eliminate the trivial reason for his discomfort, spend more time with the baby, often walk with him in the fresh air and bathe a little longer in the warm waters, and most likely, your baby will learn to sleep during the day strong long sleep!

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