10 simple ways how to make money teenager

Many students face the problem that their family budget is not designed to buy things or pay for services that have not been designated as a “Essentials”. Sometimes, to go to the movies, buy yourself a new bag or purchase some very cool sneakers, the student need to look for a part-time job. The question is: how to earn money teenager without higher education and work experience? Believe me, it’s not as difficult as it seems! Students who already at the age of 14 thinking about where to earn money, have all chances to secure a minimum of financial independence, to self-manage your money and not ask parents “ice cream”.

Step # 1: assessment of the prospects

Earning money – this is the first conscious step into adulthood, which is often encouraged by parents. Have you got a passport? Then you can consider yourself quite capable, with the right to employment member of society. Unfortunately, not all employers consider candidates from 14 to 16 years, and earnings of schoolchildren in most cases is associated with heavy, low-skilled, repetitive work. And yet, some employers are genuinely happy to applicants aged 14 to 18 years. As a rule, pupils and younger still not confident, do not set up requirements for the employer and agree on a meager wage.

If you are under 18, but you’ve decided to find a part time job, consider the following. When and how to make money student – this is not one, but two questions. Note that you can earn money in the summer without being distracted from their studies. In school time creates the base for your further development, and once the success of your career may depend on your education. Do not rush to earn money money and forget about the study – how to know what will happen in a couple years? Try not to consider part time as a longer term development strategy. Remember that it ’ s only a temporary solution.

Step # 2: job search

Where do I find a part time job for the summer and after school? Take a look around – Newspapers, the Internet, your friends and family… all of this – the sources of information that will help you to find a job. Browse news sites or columns in Newspapers with ads for temporary job – they will surely suggest you some interesting vacancies. As a rule, boys and girls 14-18 years of age can respond to the ad about the search of the courier, the seller or the promoter. Most often this information is located on the street stands in free Newspapers or on urban sites.

Refer to the employment service – for example, in the youth labour exchange. Who can know about how to make money fast teenager, better workers such exchanges? Recently, the youth employment service is developing by leaps and bounds, providing worthy competition “adult” employment centers. Of course, the labor exchange is unlikely to offer you a high-paying job, but tells an interesting vacancy – for example, free space sales assistants, telephone operators, messengers and promoters.

Note, good job in the employment exchanges closed very quickly, so if you are looking for summer jobs, please contact the employment service prior to the break.

Another way to find a part time job – to turn to older friends or parents. Maybe someone from friends or relatives there is a vacancy that would interest you. Moreover, parents will certainly appreciate your zeal, will remember your wishes and as soon as they will have new options, you will learn about them “first hand”. Perhaps even “hold” vacancy.

Step # 3: age estimation vacancies

If you barely ispolnilos years, then first you will have to enlist the support of parents and their consent to your employment. Otherwise, the employer can conclude a civil law and labour contract. So, let’s assume that you have the consent of parents, and always in writing. How can kids earn money and not “fail” school? You can get the billposter of announcements, promoter or courier. Your job legally limited – you will have only 24 labor hours per week. But don’t think that it’s not enough! The social research interviewing advertisements and couriers are constantly moving, and by the end of training a working day you are so tired that rejoice in the opportunity to finally relax.

If you are 15 years of age, written permission from the parents, you do not need. You can get a promoter or floersheim, but remember that leafleting involves continuous walking and the ability to smile (you have to lure customers into the club/shop/supermarket, not scare them away with its dark!) Boys 15 years can earn a software installation on PC “client” (assuming that they can handle it). Students can earn sellers – ice cream, balloons, hot dogs or various eatables in establishments such as «McDonald».

If you are 16, you have the right to work 35 hours a week and qualify for a greater variety of positions. For example, you can settle for a Secretary (applicable for the ability to quickly print), waiter, shop assistant or telephone operator.

Step # 4: take the initiative

In that case, if you do not want officially to be employed, but you are willing to work, think about a little “business”. If you know of any school subject (foreign languages, physics, chemistry, mathematics), will put up a notice offering a variety of tutoring services. For example, knowledge of foreign languages will make your indispensable assistance to struggling students or elementary school students. Invite for a modest monetary reward to sit with the kid next door – or place an ad on behalf of a potential “nanny” for a child 2-5 years. Of course, you must be sure that we will be able to find the child a common language, otherwise his parents will quickly dispensing with your services. Best “nannies” are girls from 14 to 18 years who have younger brothers and sisters. Also, the girls don’t forget about the proliferation of cosmetic – many young ladies managed to make the distribution of cosmetic products as its primary source of income. Boys from 14 to 18 years can offer neighbors services such as car wash, cleaning of household plots and holding the “holiday work”. Remember that the main thing – to take the initiative, and then you will not be without pay!

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